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Melody Thomas Scott

Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) has tweeted about a severe health issue that caused her to miss work on the show. "Have been incapacitated w/a serious reaction 2 a medication I was prescribed 4 a sinus infection,” she explains on Twitter. "Have just returned to work after 6 weeks of misery, a brief hospital stay,& have turned to alternative remedies,as the medical community had nothing 2 offer me.I'll B utilizing my FB (which I rarely use) to explain the horrific nightmare I've been going through.I hope 2 have the energy 2 write it tomorrow.Am thankful that I have gained enough strength 2 B back at work.The recovery has been slow,but improving.Not a secret:I’m actually looking 4 more ppl who have suffered w/this same reaction.These meds should not B available to public.Very serious side effects. God willing, I will be able to describe my agonies and slow recovery to all of you tomorrow.Thank you 4 your patience.Miss u all. Xo.” As of December 17, the actress hadn’t posted any further details on her Facebook page. According to a backstage source, Nikki won’t be missing from the canvas and, in fact, will air heavily through the holidays. "A part of when Melody was sick was over Thanksgiving and scenes were rescheduled as needed,” says the insider. "She was sick when they were taping Christmas and New Year’s but Nikki is still included in both holidays on air.” The source also reports that Nikki has a big storyline coming up in 2015.