Greg Vaughan Returns To QUEEN SUGAR


Credit: NBC

Emmy-winner Greg Vaughan (Eric, DAYS) will reprise the role of Calvin on OWN’s QUEEN SUGAR tonight, July 31. The actor was thrilled to get the call to return. “It’s definitely different from where it was when we first began,” he observes. “Going back in season 2 was kind of putting closure to the story. Having the chance to be invited to come back again in season 4 was definitely exciting.” He received a warm welcome from his castmates. “It was an open-armed embrace,” he reports. “It’s like one of your best friends you haven’t seen in a while. Once you reconnect, it’s still there. It’s like you just picked up where you left off yesterday. It was definitely challenging and the most they had given me since the beginning of the show. They wrote for the character, which was very interesting. It was really welcoming.” Look for the show to revisit the Calvin and Nova (Rutina Wesley) dynamic. “Oh, in a big way,” he nods. “It’s eye-opening from beginning to end. You never knew before what their history was. Calvin was once unhappily married. The layers were there, but it was just never tapped into over the course of the first couple of years. My return kind of puts a little more emphasis on the depth of the relationship.” The experience, he raves, “Was a lot of fun. Just being with the crew … We’re a family. I’ve been in their presence regardless of whether I’m there. My photo’s always been up. It never left.”



Skip Bolen / 2019 Warner Bros.