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GL Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
It’s the day GL fans had been waiting for: Phillip’s killer was revealed. But first….

It was a dark and stormy night and Phillip’s killer folded his or her gloved hands as they flashed back to the night of the murder. Suddenly, it was the stroke of midnight and the killer left the gloves in the desk. In the library, Spauldings young and old gathered at the mansion to honor Phillip. Lizzie and Alex were the first to the arrive and talked about the inclement weather. Alex got spooked because she thought she saw someone outside. Oh, look — Beth was outside, gazing at the thundering sky. Lillian gave her daughter a sweater, and Beth admitted that she had this ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen. The blonde duo went inside as Alan lurked in the shadows. Inside, Olivia tripped and Alex inquired about her drinking habits. The women bickered until Lizzie ordered them into the library. The three women watched in disbelief as the television news reported that Harley was dead. Alan shut off the television and said this night was about Phillip, not about the woman who may have caused his death. Liv made a scene about people thinking she was the murderer. Alan dragged her out into the hall and demanded that she behave herself. Olivia waltzed back into the room, poured herself another glass of wine and toasted Phillip, may he rot in hell and take Alan with him soon.

Buzz called out to Harley in an empty Company. He recalled happier times with his daughter, then poured himself a drink. He broke down, sobbing that his heart was broken. He turned on the television and learned that the bodies had been transferred to the city morgue. At the unfinished house, Harley bid Gus good-bye as he went to the Spaulding mansion for the “party.” Before he went, she tentatively asked about Mallet. Gus said he was in custody. Harley asked Gus to be extra careful: If Olivia was the killer, she would fight tooth and nail before she was exposed. Gus left his gun for Harley to protect herself. Outside of Company, Mel got a call that Harley was at the morgue. Before she could react, a hand went over her mouth. At the morgue, Buzz asked an employee to get him information about Harley. The guy went to check but said the body was badly burned. Buzz steeled himself to look at the corpse, but broke down when the guy pulled back the sheet. That’s my daughter, Buzz declared. He ran outside and softly rejoiced that the body was not Harley’s. Frank arrived and was totally shocked that Harley was alive. Buzz explained that Harley must be faking her death, so they needed to keep quiet about this. Frank wasn’t sure if he could keep this a secret. Frank then got a call from Rick and took off. Back at Company, it turned out that hand belonged to Gus. He explained to Mel what was going on and asked her to check up on Harley for him. Mel tended to Harley’s wounds and gave her an antibiotic. Someone then called out for Harley. It was an officer, so Mel hid Harley and told the cop that she was a doctor and was checking out something for a friend. The name Bauer got her off the hook….

At the Spaudlings, the adults sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to entertain Zach and James. Alan brought Lizzie over to the boys and told Phillip’s kids about their dad. Alan told James that he was a great writer like Phillip, Zach was a great leader like him, and Lizzie was just Spaulding through and through. Alan announced that it was time for cake. Alex left to check with the cooks and ran into Gus. She expressed how sorry she was for Harley’s death. Alex noticed blood on Gus’s shirt and freaked out. Gus’s demeanor led Alex to deduce that Harley really was alive. The minute she said that, Olivia rounded the corner and watched them talk. In the library, Lillian read Zach’s story “My Daddy Is An Angel” out loud while the camera panned to the bloody gloves. In the hallway, Alex “accidentally” spilled red wine on Gus’s shirt so Liv wouldn’t notice the blood. Gus and Olivia exchanged a few words about Phillip. Alan interrupted the argument and thanked Gus for coming. Alan asked for a few moments alone with his son. Alan said he was sorry about Harley, but it was time to focus on the Spauldings now. Gus begrudgingly went into the main room, and Zach ran into his arms. Alan announced that it was time for presents and doled out gifts to everyone, even the grown-ups. While they focused on their gifts, Gus secretly opened a mysterious letter. The Spauldings then enjoyed cake until the women said that they needed to call it a night. Alan’s feathers got all ruffed and he made a moving toast to Phillip. Suddenly, the lights went out. Everyone huddled in the middle of the room, except for Alan who went to get a flashlight. Liv also slipped away and went outside.

Outside of Company, Buzz had a monologue about Harley. As he finished, Mel arrived and the two talked around the possibility of Harley being alive until Mel admitted that she had seen her. At the same time, Frank walked through the construction site calling out for Harley. Harley wasn’t there; she had gone to the Spaudling mansion and was watching Olivia start to dig in the ground. She held a package in her hand and wished Phillip a Happy Birthday. Harley sneaked up behind her and took the package. Meanwhile, Frank returned to Company and Buzz was relieved that he couldn’t find Harley. Frank argued that he needed to find Harley before the other cops did. Back at the Spaulding mansion, someone lit candles on the shrine for Phillip. The person put on the gloves, picked up a photo of Alan and Phillip. Ah, the killer was revealed: It was Alan. Why did you make me shoot you? Alan asked the picture of his dead son.

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