Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon, GH) has released a new "Funk It Friday" video with his favorite collaborators — his real-life roommates. Watkins says, "My roommates and I are all great friends and love collaborating on creative projects. Most of us are actors and musicians. Victor Olivas and I started doing Funk it Friday music covers on Instagram. These were 15-second clips of us doing a song to wrap up the week. As popularity grew, people were requesting longer versions so we have tried to start doing full-length covers. This one is our own take on the new Justin Bieber hit 'Love Yourself'. I'm so excited to be teaming up with more of my talented friends. It's a very personal video and a really accurate representation of myself and my group of friends. This video is just fun, us goofing off around L.A. We wanted the viewers to feel like they were included in our hang-out session." To check it out, click here.