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GH's Most Memorable Romances Quiz

1. True or false: The first time Steve (John Beradino) laid eyes on Audrey (Rachel Ames), she was wearing her nurse’s uniform.

2. When Luke and Laura symbolically wed in Beechers Corners, what did he give her in lieu of a proper ring?

a) a beer can tab

b) a cigar band

c) a piece of gum

d) a ring made out of hay

3. What happened the morning after Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Holly (Emma Samms) made love for the first time?

a) Anna showed up with her daughter by Robert, Robin.

b) Holly suffered a 

c) Luke returned from the dead.

d) Robert was presumed dead in a boat explosion.

4. Who was being honored at the Policeman’s Ball where Duke and Anna met for the first time?

a) Anna

b) Burt

c) Frisco

d) Robert

5. What was the first gift Lois gave to Ned, back when she still knew him only as Eddie?
a) a guitar

b) a guitar pick

c) leather pants

d) a record player

6. Robin and Stone performed a scene from what Shakespeare play at the 1994 Nurses’ Ball?

7. Why were Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Frisco (Jack Wagner) in disguise on the Atlantic City boardwalk in this 1986 photo?

a) They accepted a dare from Robert.

b) They were en route to a costume party.

c) They were hiding out from her ex, Peter Harrell.

d) They were on the run after Duke framed her for theft.

8. True or false: Liz and Lucky met for the first time on Audrey’s porch.

9. Match the Sonny/Brenda milestone to the location where it took place.

a) Consummated their relationship               i) Port Charles airport

b) Got engaged                                                    ii) Positano, Italy

c) Honeymooned                                                iii) Tiger Key, FL

d) Saw each other for the last time                 iv) Washington, D.C.

10. Other than Jason, who witnessed Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (then-Sarah Brown) first wedding?

a) Alexis

b) Bobbie

c) Michael

d) Robin

11. Who tried on the engagement ring Jason purchased for Sam in 2011 and lost it, prompting him to pop the question using a chrome automotive nut?
a) Carly

b) Maxie

c) Molly

d) Spinelli

12. Who got engaged at the 2015 Nutcracker Gala?

a) Alexis and Julian

b) Elizabeth and Franco

c) Maxie and Nathan

d) Robin and Patrick

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