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GH’s Kelly Thiebaud On Why Britt Is Hung Up On Jason

Though Britt and Jason only slept together once before he ended things to marry Carly, and was subsequently presumed dead, Jason is still at the forefront of Britt’s mind. When Digest asked Britt’s portrayer, Kelly Thiebaud, for her take on this, she stressed that Jason being with her through her Huntington’s diagnosis is at the core of her inability to move on from their short-lived relationship. Says the actress, “I’ve read a lot from fans guarding the relationship between Britt and Jason and I think there’s an element of it that people aren’t acknowledging, which is that he was there with her through that terrible time when she found out she had Huntington’s. I think with anyone in life, when you’re going through something so heavy and life-threatening, that whoever’s there by your side, it means so much to you to have them. Especially for a character like Britt, who hasn’t really had that, even from family — she hasn’t really had someone be so genuine and so loving and protective and supportive of her. Even though it was a short-lived thing, the impact of that meant so much to her, and that is what has caused this grief and kind of not being able to move on. And it’s fear, too; it’s like, you have this terminal illness and how do you open up your life to someone? How do you fall in love with someone knowing what’s waiting for you down the road? I think because it is such an ugly disease, what happens to a person, she’s also thinking about that. They’re going to see this whole other side of her that she can’t control. It’s very fear-based. But I do think people aren’t taking into account how important that was to her and how meaningful it was.” That said, Thiebaud chuckles, “I definitely don’t think she’s, like, lighting candles and having a meditative moment of remembrance of the one time she had sex with Jason! I don’t think that’s happening! I wouldn’t say Britt is pathetic by any means. I just think she fell in love and it was a very whirlwind, meaningful, genuine experience and she just feels like it’s never going to happen again.”