"It really was not something we were planning to do," says GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati of the decision to undo the 2011 demise of Liz and Jason's bio son, Jake. But while brainstorming Luke's grand finale, he and his team "were trying to come up with a purpose behind this adventure and a lasting impact for this adventure and something that would have emotional resonance for Luke and also, obviously, have a big impact on the rest of the canvas, so as much as it was an exit story, it was also the start of a story for other people." Of course, what with Jake having been an on-screen organ donor for Josslyn, "We had to pull out a bag of tricks and go to our go-to person, Helena Cassadine, for help, and made it work." For more on Jake's resurrection, and what it means for Elizabeth and "Jake," see the issue of Digest on sale next Friday.

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