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GH’s Emma Samms Details COVID-19 Virus Battle

In an online article for, Emma Samms (ex-Holly, GH) writes about her battle with COVID-19. “Having never been an ‘Early Adopter’ before, I have the dubious honour of being able to report in with first-hand knowledge of the virus,” she shares. “Of course, one of the most unusual aspects of the COVID-19 virus is that no two people experience it exactly the same way, so there’s no point in me telling you what to expect if you catch it, because by the time you read this some of you will have experienced far worse. I’m NOT going to give you a list of all my symptoms. Don’t worry! And the fact that I was not admitted to hospital meant that I had a relatively mild version of it. But I did have to go to the hospital at one point and a few days later an ambulance was sent to my house, so it wasn’t exactly a breeze. It’s been quite painful and at times very frightening but, obviously, I’ve got away with it extremely lightly and I’m one of the lucky ones.” To read the whole story, go to