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GH Summer

Summer Camp: Loved It, Loathed It Or Skipped It?

Ali: “I loved it! I was just telling someone how much I wish I could go back to summer camp.”

Burroughs: “Loathed it.”

Kelly: “I loved it. I never did sleepaway camp, but I did after-school camp and to me, it was like an opportunity to perform to a new audience because I would do impressions and stuff like that. I was the class clown.”

Lake, Ocean Or Pool?

Ali: “Ocean.”

Burroughs: “Lake.”

Kelly: “I love the ocean. I barely ever go to the beach, but every time I go to the beach, I’m like, ‘Why don’t I go to the beach?’ ”

Sunscreen: Forgetful Or Fanatical?

Ali: “I’m very forgetful and fanatical. Depends on what part of my body! Fanatical with my face.”

Burroughs: “Fanatical.”

Kelly: “I use a mild SPF moisturizer every single day.”

Favorite Summer Drink:

Ali: “A slushy.”

Burroughs: “I have a new one — Aperol Spritz!”

Kelly: “Bud Light.”

Favorite Food To Toss On The Grill:

Ali: “Salmon.”

Burroughs: “I like to toss almost everything on the grill! My favorite, I’ll say salmon, which lands on my grill most often.”

Kelly: “Steak.”

Favorite Fruit:

Ali: “Definitely mangoes and straw-berries.”

Burroughs: “Blueberries.”

Kelly: “Mango. I probably wouldn’t eat it every day, but I wouldn’t want it to be cut out of my life.”

Favorite Frozen Treat:

Ali: “Ice cream.”

Burroughs: “Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond. I used to binge on that when I was a drama student in New York.”

Kelly: “Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. I used to buy those for the people standing outside when they were protesting ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s cancellation outside of the studio during the summer. It really changes the day and
you don’t feel terrible about yourself. You get to have an ice cream sandwich, but without overindulging.”

Favorite Summer Sport:

Ali: “Swimming.”

Burroughs: “Baseball.”

Kelly: “Baseball, for sure.”

Favorite Beach Activity:

Ali: “Playing in the ocean.”

Burroughs: “Reading under the umbrella.”

Kelly: “Stand-up paddle boarding. I kind of thought it was lame until I did it and I was like, ‘This is so much fun!’ You’re literally, like, walking on the ocean. It’s really neat.”

Road Trip Role: Driver Or Passenger?

Ali: “Backseat. Asleep.”

Burroughs: “Both.”

Kelly: “Passenger.”

4th Of July Fave: Picnic, Parade Or Fireworks?

Ali: “Picnic.”

Burroughs: “Picnic.”

Kelly: “Fireworks.”

Summer Wardrobe Staple:

Ali: “I’ve been rocking skorts lately — skorts with a halter top and sneakers and a visor. It sounds very golf; that’s because it is. But it’s very cute. People think you’re rich [laughs].”

Burroughs: “A dress with a built-in bra.”

Kelly: “The same as winter: T-shirt and jeans.”

Dream Summer Vacation Destination:

Ali: “This is going to sound very odd, but one summer, I would love to go to Aspen, Colorado. I think it will still be snowing and I’d love to stay in the forest and be one with the snow and nature, just chill with some snow and sip some cocoa in the summer.”

Burroughs: “Canada.”

Kelly: “Alaska, which is where I’ll be for the 4th of July.”