GH spring preview

Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten gives the scoop on what spring has in store for Port Charles.

The Battle For Wiley: “As she tries to assert her parental rights, the rest of the family feels that Nelle may be putting Wiley’s health at risk. This is something that Wiley’s family simply will not stand for. Carly may take it upon herself to outflank Nelle, with the help of her close family. However, the simple act of protecting this little boy’s health may have profound repercussions for Port Charles at large. Sasha will push an audacious plan to keep Nelle away from Wiley, and Chase’s love for Willow will be tested as he grapples with how far he’s willing to go for the woman he loves. Michael and Willow grow closer as they join forces to protect Wiley from Nelle. Nelle has many cards up her sleeve — almost as many cards as she has enemies in Port Charles! A big thing coming up is that we will have an episode that zeroes in on the relationship between Carly and Nelle.”

The Mob War: “Sam and Jason’s secret romance hits another obstacle when Jason worries about drawing Cyrus’s fire. Laura and Robert, as mayor and DA, respectively, will go toe- to-toe with Cyrus. TJ’s life hangs in the balance, and in the wake of TJ’s disappearance, Molly is at a crossroads.” As he goes up against Cyrus while also managing various family crises, “I think the question for Sonny moving forward is, ‘Don’t you think something’s gonna give?’ ” Curtis worries that Jordan will end up in big trouble over her risky plan to free Cyrus. “It’s never a good thing for a cop to go to prison!”

Alexis/Neil: “Alexis and Neil’s decision to put their one-night stand in New York behind them may be for nothing, because we will find out that there was a surprising witness to their night together. Julian inadvertently sparks a real reckoning for Alexis and Neil.”

Cameron/Trina: “They will be forced to confront their feelings in the wake of the trauma they have undergone together.”

ELQ Takeover Threat: “Brook Lynn, having finally escaped the clutches of her lecherous record producer, will attempt to resuscitate her recording career, putting her at odds with one of her favorite punching bags, Lulu. Of course, unbeknownst to Brook Lynn, her record producer was merely a front for Valentin, who will continue in his secret attempts to amass ELQ shares and seize control of the company. Valentin’s habit of plotting and scheming may come back to bite him when we find out that his daughter, in an echo of the good old ’80s drug commercial, ‘learned it by watching him.’ ”

Finn/Anna And Company: “Violet’s birthday party will be the setting for much venom being unleashed. Obrecht may find herself outflanked by Peter. However, she is not without allies, and one surprising one in particular.”

The Mystery Of Nina’s Daughter: “The origin of Nina’s necklace will be revealed.”

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