GH Preview: Wedding Drama

There is no shortage of potential landmines threatening to derail the big double wedding of Finn and Anna, and Peter and Maxie, poised to unfold on GH.

Among the most pressing of these for Anna is that Valentin discloses the devastating news to her that Peter came clean to him about his various crimes, including his central role in the Jason/Drew switch and hiring an assassin to murder Andre and Franco. “This is the worst wake-up call you could possibly receive,” says Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten. “This is a woman who had her mind warped by her own sister and who, for years, has been saddled with a memory that was not hers and a [mother/son] relationship that she felt compelled to have, only to find out that the person she has protected, the person that she has tried to guide, has been using her. It is a terrible betrayal of the worst kind because it has also meant that she has, in large part and in one way or another, allowed him to hurt people that she cares about, as well.” Offers Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor, “Anna may have to face a reckoning that the man she made compromise after compromise for may ultimately be irredeemable.”

Also on Anna’s mind is that Obrecht is on the loose — and out for Peter’s blood. “Anna is now aware that both Obrecht and Peter are clear and present dangers,” Van Etten notes. “However, she is keeping much of this to her- self as she formulates a plan to protect her loved ones. But perhaps the impending wed- ding will throw a wrench into her best-laid plans.”

As the wedding draws ever nearer, Anna’s decision to keep Finn in the dark — both about Peter’s crimes and about his true maternity — are weighing on the bride. “Anna hopes that the situation will resolve itself before she walks down that aisle,” explains O’Connor. “However, she may be forced to choose between the world of espionage and secrets and lies that she works in and the path of honesty with the man she intends to marry.”

There’s also the matter of the final wishes of Peter’s real mother, the late Alex, which were mailed from Budapest to Peter. O’Connor teases, “The contents of Alex Marick’s last will and testament may prove to be the ultimate bombshell at the double wedding.”

While Peter doesn’t know about this explosive document — yet — he does have more on his mind as he prepares to say, “I do” to Maxie than the fit of his tux: Off of her crushing conversation with Valentin, Anna summons him to a face-to-face meeting, hoping he will take the opportunity to finally be honest with her — and during their intense encounter, Peter makes a desperate move designed to safeguard his happily-ever-after with his pregnant bride-to-be. Poses Van Etten, “With Peter’s future on the line with the woman he loves and the baby she’s carrying, is there anything he would not stoop to to protect his family?”

All too aware that she is running out of time to get the goods on Peter and stop Maxie from marrying the man who framed her, Obrecht is also a wedding- day wild card — one who feels she has a sacred obligation to halt the nuptials. “I think Obrecht believes she made a solid promise to Nathan that Maxie will always be protected,” shares O’Connor. “And if that wedding goes off without a hitch, she will have failed her son.”

As viewers know, Maxie is in the dark about the true nature of the man she plans to marry, but is hardly clueless about how many people disapprove of the match, which puts a damper on her pre-wedding ebullience. On the eve of the wedding, she finds herself once again defending her fiancé’s honor — to his sister, Britt, of all people. “I think Maxie is going into her wedding day shaken by the fact that she has spent years touting Peter’s transformation, and that seems to have gone nowhere with some of her closest loved ones,” Van Etten sighs.

That list includes Dante, who not only feels protective of his comatose ex-wife’s BFF but comes with the added wrinkle of being subject to Obrecht’s mind-control where Peter is concerned. Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) says, “Dante is really concerned that she is about to get [married to] a psychopath. He hates the guy and he’s been brainwashed — and no one really knows what it means, ‘complete the mission’, but I still think that his mission is to potentially be this 11th hour, should-someone-need- it way to off Peter.”

All in all, it would seem that fans should brace them- selves for the certainty of major drama and the possibility of heartbreak for either or both of the brides and grooms. Promises O’Connor, “The double wedding is the crescendo and climax of years of stories and secrets and lies — and by the time it’s over, the lives of everybody involved will have been changed forever.”

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