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GENERAL HOSPITAL Preview: Esme Wants To Move Out

After months of living under the same roof as Spencer, Esme shares with Laura that she wants to move out with Ace.

“Laura is a little bit shocked,” sets up Esme’s portrayer, Avery Pohl. “But they wind up having a very honest, open dialogue about it, and by the end, Laura sees where Esme is coming from. Esme really feels this is the best thing for her and her son.”

During their conversation, Esme discloses that her burgeoning feelings for Spencer are fueling her desire to relocate. “She puts her heart on the line in a lot of ways and tells Laura, ‘I kind of have feelings for Spencer, but I don’t want to be a problem for him.’ I really do think she’s sincere. Trina has treated her and her baby with respect and Esme doesn’t wanna put herself in the middle of their relationship, either.”

Later, Esme finds a promising apartment listing and excitedly tells Laura — which is how Spencer finds out what she’s planning. “He doesn’t react well,” Pohl says. “He is a bit blindsided and caught off-guard that she made this decision.”