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Five Minutes With ... John Ingle

GH’s John Ingle (Edward) hasn’t had much story lately but with the advent of the Port Charles Carnival, the Q patriarch is driving all the action … literally.Soap Opera Digest: What was your initial reaction when you heard about Edward driving into the crowd?

John Ingle: When they first told me about this, I thought of the old man who drove into the crowd at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market [in 2003]. But the difference here is that Edward was drugged, not incapable of driving.

Digest: That’s a hot button issue these days.

Ingle: It is. I’m 81. In the story, Monica says, “Edward, you shouldn’t be driving yourself. We have a driver for you,” and he says, “Don’t be absurd. I can drive.” That’s what every old person says. My neighbor up the street banged into my daughter’s car when it was parked in the street. He was very slow reacting and he crashed into her fender, and his wife told me not long ago that that was the last day he drove. He gave up his license. I said, “I’m so sorry I was a part of this,” and she said, “Oh, no. We’ve been telling him for years he’s got to give up driving but his children wouldn’t take the keys away from him.”

Digest: Does that ever bother you? What do you think about seniors behind the wheel?

Ingle: I find myself being a little more aware. My reflexes are fine. Actually, sometimes I’ll be driving and think, “Wait a minute. Where am I heading?” But in all honestly, I’ve always been like that, regardless of my age [laughs].

Digest: Do you ever think of retiring?

Ingle: Somebody recently asked me, “When are you going to retire?” and I said, “I will retire when my reflexes are not good, when physically I don’t feel like coming to work.” When I don’t have the ability to get my lines, then I will hang it up. I’m not going to do a disservice to this place by becoming a burden. I’m not. But I’m nowhere near that right now. They’re writing good stuff. I worked every day last week.Then I’m in the ICU for the rest of the week with a coronary, which is fine. No lines. That’s wonderful. I can rest and get paid [laughs].Digest: Any thoughts on this year’s Emmys?,br.
Ingle: I think it’s dreadful that Laura Wright [Carly, GH] was not nominated for the year that she had, which was wonderful. Billy [Warlock, ex-AJ; ex-Frankie, DAYS, et al] and Julie [Pinson, Janet, ATWT, ex-Eve, PC, et al] came out so we saw them. I miss them. Billy and I talk nearly every day. Stuart [Damon, ex-Alan; Manzo, ATWT] and I talked every day while he was in New York. He had such a ball. He said to me, “I’m doing more memorization in these past few weeks than I’ve done in years on GH.” I can’t wait to see him on the show.