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Fast Five With Michael Easton

Michael Easton (Finn, GH) answers our five burning questions

What is always in your fridge? “Strawberries.”

What is never in your fridge? “Baking soda. I’m not into the ‘baking soda in the fridge’ thing.”

What is the last thing you bought with cash? “I’m still kind of a ‘pay with cash’ guy; I’m from that era. The last thing I bought with cash was this morning: coffee and a newspaper.”

How would you describe your perfect sandwich? “A grilled cheese at two o’clock in the morning after being out for a bit. I usually prefer it without the plastic on the individual slices before grilling it, but if you happen to leave that on, that’s okay, too.”

What concert would you be most excited to score free tickets to? “Pearl Jam.”