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Fast Five With James Reynolds (Abe, DAYS)

Fast Five With James Reynolds (Abe, DAYS)

What trend makes you feel old? “Which one doesn’t [laughs]? The trend that people have with living their lives online. I don’t want people to know that much about me. To actually let your online presence govern your life is something I find to be very disturbing.”

What smell brings back great memories for you? “Overall the smells of Christmas — the tree, the way the house smells when you’re baking … Even cooler weather smells good.”

What is your go-to snack? “Unfortunately it’s Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond bars. They’re tasty, intoxicating and habit-forming.”

What was your favorite childhood board game? “I’ve always been a game player. I loved Monopoly. We even played it when my son was growing up.”

Which co-star do you know the most interesting facts about? “Ari Zucker [Nicole]. She’s a really good close friend and a wonderful human being.”