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Exclusive YOUNG AND RESTLESS Preview: Victor & Nikki’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden

Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Newmans are still reeling after being terrorized by Jordan. Her vendetta almost cost them their lives and sabotaged Nikki’s sobriety. Victor wants the Newman clan to take stock of what is really important and celebrate family by planning a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Victor and Nikki’s first nuptials — which is set to air on April 12.

“At this point, Nikki is spiraling, thanks to Jordan,” explains Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. Nikki wants to take control back and suggests they draw Jordan out by hosting a party to celebrate their anniversary. After all, they have scores of security who are capable of capturing the trespasser. Victor gets on board.

Should Jordan show up, Victor has prepared for the worst-case scenario. “He has hired extra security to protect his family but knows Jordan may use the party as an opportunity to wreak havoc. Victor will be more than ready should this happen.” After all, Victor would do anything to ease his beloved wife’s fears.

The Daytime Emmy award-winning writer and producer goes on to lay out how Claire plays a key role in the master plan. “Victor has welcomed Claire into the family with open arms,” Griffith explains. “He empathizes with the trauma that she has endured and wants to be supportive of Victoria’s wish to bring Claire into the Newman Family fold.” Victor, always the master manipulator, knows Claire’s attendance could bring the villainess out of hiding. “Victor knows that reuniting with Claire is too hard to resist for Jordan and appreciates that Claire’s presence might help trap Jordan once and for all,” he teases.

The 40th-anniversary party at the GCAC has a few uncomfortable attendees, including Nikki’s ex and current sponsor, Jack Abbott, and his current spouse (and Victor’s ex), Diane. Griffith alludes to Victor’s reasoning behind the invites. “Since Nikki was hesitant for Victor to throw this party for her, Victor begrudgingly accepts Nikki’s wish to include Jack  in the festivities as Nikki does with Jack bringing Diane.”  Griffith goes on to reveal that “Nikki is cordial to Diane but it’s been especially tense thanks to Jack serving as Nikki’s sponsor.”

Jordan’s vengeance has rocked Nikki to the core and her sobriety has become a real issue. In fact, during the party, Nikki is again tempted to drink as she is convinced Jordan has another trick up her sleeve. There is no magic fix for Nikki, no quick cure,  and her addiction battle won’t be swept under the carpet but addressed in a thoughtful and realistic portrayal of a woman struggling to stay sober. “We will see Nikki struggle with her sobriety like never before,” Griffith reveals, “and this time she may really need to hit rock bottom before making the decision to stop drinking.”

Jordan started out seeking revenge on the Newmans because of their treatment of her sister Eve Howard but it quickly became an even more personal deadly game of chess as she went head-to-head against Victor. “Jordan’s vendetta against the Newmans was initially rooted by her perception of how they treated Eve,” shared Griffith. “However, as Victor has continued to outsmart Jordan, her hatred for the Newmans intensified and became even more deadly.

“Family means everything to Victor and Jordan quickly learns that attacking Victor’s family may be the method to get the ultimate revenge against Victor and Nikki,” Griffith revealed. He expounded on how her madness will play out during the anniversary extravaganza. “Jordan hatches a dangerous plan that leads to a shocking turn of events for both the Newmans and the Abbotts.”

Will the party go off without a hitch? You’ll have to watch to find out but expect the happy couple to receive some shocking news before it is all said and done.