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Exclusive: Tabyana Ali (Trina, GENERAL HOSPITAL) On "Sprina's" Thanksgiving




Home For The Holidays: Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) spend Thanksgiving with her family.


Having made up from their fight over Spencer’s pull toward Ace (and by extension, Esme), Trina and Spencer begin their holiday on a high note — in bed together. “She’s in love and she’s just happy to be with him,” beams Trina’s portrayer, Tabyana Ali.

After making love, Spencer and Trina discuss what they’re thankful for and he teases her when she doesn’t say him; Trina shoots back that she’s thankful for him when he’s not being a jerk. “They have this playful banter, but it’s still about love and care and how happy they are to be with each other,” reports Ali. They also discuss the challenges they will likely face with Esme a reality of their lives via Ace. “As Tabyana, I was like, ‘Why are we still talking about Esme?’ ” Ali says. ” ‘Why is she still being brought up?’ He says, ‘Thanks for forgiving me,’ and I’m like, ‘Let’s move on now! We talked about it, and we just got done doing what we were doing, so let’s just move on, okay?’ And then they leave to spend Thanksgiving with her family.”

Despite the fact that not everyone in her family has embraced Spencer and Trina’s relationship, “Trina is so excited to have Spencer there with her,” the actress reports. “I think Spencer is a little nervous to be there, because, you know, the family doesn’t really enjoy him all that much, but because they see that I love him, they’re willing to try [to be welcoming]. I believe Trina sees that effort and it makes her so happy. So to have Spencer and her family all together in one house, it’s really exciting to her. I feel that, only probably a year or two ago, it’s something that Trina would have been dreaming about, but now she gets to live that reality.”