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Exclusive: Marcus Coloma On GH’s Spencer Recast

As eagle-eyed GH viewers noted when the credits aired on Friday, July 2, the show has recast the role of Spencer Cassadine, who was played on and off by Nicolas Bechtel from 2013-20, with daytime newcomer Nicholas Chavez. “I’m very excited,” Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) tells Digest of the return of his character’s son. “It’s such an important role, and Nicholas is great. It’s bittersweet, because Nicolas Bechtel is also a very sweet guy, but I like Nicholas a lot and there will be a lot of interesting stuff to play between Nikolas and Spencer that I’m looking forward to exploring.” Off camera, he and Chavez have bonded over their mutual love of chess. “I saw him watching some of the extras playing in the green room on this really cheap board that’s been in there forever. I said, ‘Oh, you play chess?’ He said, ‘Yeah, do you play?’ I said, ‘Yeah!’ It was like this instant point of commonality, this great, instant bond. So I bought in a board and we started playing. We’ve become really good friends.” Bechtel, meanwhile, tweeted a thank-you message to fans, saying, ““Spencer suffered third degree burns at his own birthday party, spent time with the spirit of his Mother, ran away, was kidnapped, tampered with an election and broke his legs skiing in the Swiss Alps. It’s been a great run…thank you for all your love and support.”