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Exclusive: GENERAL HOSPITAL's Scarlett Fernandez On Charlotte's Confession

Cynthia Watros, Scarlett Fernandez

Disney/Christine Bartolucci

Little Girl Lost: Nina (Cynthia Watros) gets Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) to open up.

Nina visits Charlotte in the hospital, where she is recuperating from her gunshot wound, and tries to get the girl to open up about the origins of her animosity toward Anna.

She encounters a Charlotte who is steadfast in her belief that Anna is a threat to her and to Valentin. Gently, Nina presses her about the actions she’s taken to try to get Anna away from Valentin. “She definitely does trust Nina,” offers Charlotte’s portrayer, Scarlett Fernadnez. “I think on some level, Charlotte understands that no one around her can be trusted fully, but I think she definitely has a sense of trust [with Nina]. She’s known her since she was really little and Nina has kind of been that one steady person that she’s always been able to go to, whether or not she was in a relationship with Valentin. She’s always been able to trust her and talk to her and I definitely feel like she’s a mother figure for Charlotte right now.”

Charlotte ends up confessing to Nina that she spray-painted Anna’s house and ransacked her hotel room. Says Fernandez, “I think Charlotte needed to open up to someone and Nina came to her so gently, it definitely helped her [feel safe enough to do so].” As she takes in what Charlotte has to say, “Nina is definitely shocked,” the actress continues. “She already knew about Charlotte ransacking the hotel room, so I don’t think it’s as much Nina being shocked that she did that. But she’s shocked that she was admitting to it. I feel like even though she saw it on the videotape, to hear it coming out Charlotte’s mouth was just, like, crazy.” However, when Nina asks her point-blank if she was responsible for Anna’s home burning to the ground, Charlotte adamantly denies it. “Charlotte is shocked to hear that people think that. She didn’t even though that people knew about her messing up the hotel, so it’s shocking to hear that the people around her would even think that of her and she gets upset.”

Later, Charlotte is released from the hospital — and has to face some tough questions from Valentin. “There’s anger, there’s sadness — it’s a combination of all of these emotions that have built up over time,” says Fernandez of the intense father/daughter confrontation. “She just feels like, ‘Why is he accusing her of doing things when he hasn’t even been present, really, in her life?’ He sent her to boarding school and now he is blaming things on her when she think it’s really his and Anna’s fault. Obviously, she loves her father. He has, most of the time, been there for her, at least when she was little. But I don’t think she really feels bad [for going after Anna] or even feels like she betrayed him. I think she is just still so convinced that Anna is really out to get her and out to get Valentin that she is still on a mission. She still feels like she needs to get Anna!”