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Exclusive GENERAL HOSPITAL Preview: Romance — And Drama — Ahead For Spencer And Trina

Nicholas Chavez, Tabyana Ali


French Connection: Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) and Trina’s time in Paris takes a “riveting” turn, says Tabyana Ali.

Trina is on top of the world as her new life in Paris with Spencer gets underway. “This experience is a new one for her,” begins Trina’s portrayer, Tabyana Ali. “Ideally, they’re going to be there for the whole semester, and to have Spencer to herself full-time, this is different from New York. This isn’t, like, a weekend vacation — they’re basically going to be spending 24/7 together. I think in her mind, this is a test of, ‘Oh, could we possibly live together? And is this what it’s going to be like when we get married?’ Ultimately, it’s a big test and it’s just really exciting for the both of them.”

Also new for the young couple is exploring their relationship a continent away from the trials and tribulations of life in Port Charles — and from Esme. “I think Trina said what she had to say during the courtroom scenes, where Esme was able to just get probation,” asserts Ali. “Trina said what she needed to get off her chest, and now, she’s starting completely new. This is something she’s been wanting to do — go to the Sorbonne, go to Paris and start over. This is a great, fresh new start for her.”

Spencer is determined to shower Trina with romantic surprises as they transition into their new life. “Spencer is such a giving boyfriend,” beams Ali. “He just wants the absolute best for her. He wants to treat her like a princess and give her all the things she’s probably never had before. Trina has never been in that position before, never had somebody really just give to her like this. And I think Trina is soaking it up! She is taking it like, ‘You know what? I do deserve this.’ She is claiming it and really rejoicing in it.”

After an intimate dinner, Spencer takes Trina down by the water to take a cruise down the Seine. On the boat dock, Trina thanks Spencer for letting her experience such incredible things, and in return, he thanks her for making him a better man. “This is just another level to their love and their romance,” Ali notes. “Trina is really trying to show her appreciation toward Spencer. They are so magnetic together and feel such a powerful pull toward each other. She is trying to show that appreciation and love just as much as he is showing it to her.”

The duo is able to fully embrace the special time they’re enjoying together, as they fully believe that the menacing Esme has fled to Canada and will no longer pose a threat to them. “She’s thinking this is a new start, a new slate,” Ali declares. “I know she’s not thinking about Esme. She’s too busy living her life in this moment. She is nowhere near being worried about what Esme is doing.” But unbeknownst to either her or Spencer, there is mounting concern back home that Spencer’s vengeful ex did not actually head to Canada and might be going after Spencer and Trina. Laura places an urgent call to Spencer, desperate to warn him, but their connection is poor. “Trina thinks this is just an average call, that Laura is just trying to check in and make sure that Spencer is okay and fine,” Ali explains. “She doesn’t think there’s necessarily anything out of the ordinary about that call.”

What unfolds from there is rife with what Ali declares to be “riveting” drama. “It’s emotional, it’s high-stakes and you can’t miss it,” says the actress, hinting, “In some ways and to some degree, I have been looking forward to a specific moment that happens. And I think everybody is going to feel very satisfied by this specific moment. And I can’t wait for people to see that. And I also want to tell everybody to please take their blood pressure pills,” she teases. “People need to do whatever they need to make sure their blood pressure will be down.”