Exclusive First Interview: Tamara Braun On New GH Gig

Soap Opera Digest Celebrates 40th Anniversary Arrivals

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In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Tamara Braun, who on November 22 returns to GH in a new role — Kim Nero, Oscar’s mom — opens up about coming home to the show that made her a daytime star when she played Carly from 2001-05. “The timing and the storyline and the character seemed right — and here I am!” she says. The support she’s enjoyed from GH viewers both during and after her time on the show also factored into Braun’s decision to ink a contract. “They have been saying for a long time, ‘Please come back, we don’t care what you play, just come back!’ “ Their warm response to her rehiring, she beams, “Meant absolutely everything to me.” For more with the actress, check out the new issue, on sale now!