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Evan Hofer's Favorite Things

Favorite Shampoo: “I actually don’t use shampoo. I only use conditioner, a really wonderful volumizing conditioner from the brand Enjoy. On my length of hair, it works to clean it as well as keep it nice and hydrated.”

Favorite Jeans Brand: “I don’t wear jeans. I’m a slacks guy. Most
of my slacks are from Express,

Favorite Phone App: “I’m addicted to Otrium. It’s kind of a Nordstrom Rack-type thing. They have a wonderful app with terrific deals on brands that I love, so I check every day to see if there’s any new stuff that’s been put on there that I can get a good deal on.”

Favorite Game: “I had a Pokemon game as a kid that I loved, and I recently repurchased it on eBay.”

Favorite Type Of Cuisine: “Japanese.”

Favorite Sports Team: “The entirety of the NBA.”

Favorite Breakfast Item: “The sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle from McDonald’s.”

Favorite Sandwich: “I have consumed more turkey and Swiss on sourdough than anyone else in the world.”

Favorite Sweet Treat: “Cookies from my mom.”

Favorite Healthy Snack: “Blueberries.”

Favorite Hot Beverage: “Hot chocolate.”

Favorite Cold Beverage: “Sweet tea.”

Favorite Color: “Yellow.”

Favorite Magazine:Soap Opera Digest.”

Favorite Book: “Bryan Cranston’s [ex-Doug, LOVING] autobiography, A Life in Parts. It’s terrific.”

Favorite Item In Your Wardrobe: “That’s really hard because my wardrobe is ever-expanding. But my favorite item right now? My John Varvatos boots. [Sheepishly] My mom bought them for me.”

Favorite Room In Your Home: “The gym.”

Favorite Sitcom: “SEINFELD.”

Favorite Movie:A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger.”

Favorite TV Host: “Bob Barker.”

Favorite Comedian: “Donald Glover.”

Favorite Singer Or Band: “Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong.”

Favorite Kitchen Appliance: “My KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It was my grandmother’s.”

Favorite Place To Learn Lines: “At my dining room table, on the phone with my mom, who runs them with me.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.”