Dream a Little Dream of B&B

Adam Gregory (Thomas) may be new to BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, but he’s already turned into a big fan. He chats with Weekly about why the sky’s the limit on daytime.Soap Opera Weekly: How are you adjusting to all the crazy stuff that happens on daytime?

Adam Gregory: I’m getting used to it! I used to be very much like, “Is this really what would happen? Is this really what somebody would do? Is this real? What’s the consistency on this?” Now, it’s like life really has no consistency! The more I watch the news, it’s just…[I’ve learned] life is life and don’t be afraid to dream. It’s weird, because being on B&B has kind of opened my eyes a little bit, with my ability to dream farther and think about things a little differently — like what could happen, rather than what did happen. It brings back the folklore and the fun, easygoing stories that Grandma and Grandpa used to tell us when we were little kids. Things have become very serious these days on network sitcoms; it almost makes me uncomfortable. So why not laugh a little, why not dream a little, and just watch B&B?

Weekly: That’s a lot of why I tell people to watch it! Because it has all these universal themes, but it’s also really fun and over-the-top.

Gregory: When people start watching, it’s hard to stop watching. My wife and I, we reluctantly started watching it [before I was cast], and now my wife can’t stop. Even the episodes I’m not in, she’s like, “Oh, it’s okay; I’m gonna watch it anyway.” I’m like, “You really want to know what’s happening with Stephanie, if she’s really gonna die or not, don’t you?” [laughs] She said, “Yeah, kinda. Don’t tell me!”

Weekly: It’s like the TV version of a Lay’s potato chip. You can’t have just one; you have to keep watching.

Gregory: Exactly. The sky’s the limit. And we can explore as much as we want, or we can have a storyline end in a week-and-a-half. We can just drop it if we want, because the story is ongoing. We don’t have to stop — ever. That’s what’s exciting: It’s a movie that never ends.

Weekly: I love it. That’s a great PR blurb for soaps.

Gregory: There you go. We should make T-shirts and bumper stickers [laughs]!