Drake Hogestyn Injury Update

In a statement to Digest, lawyers for fan favorite Drake Hogestyn (John, DAYS), who was sidelined after suffering an injury in May, explained the actor’s absence from the show he’s called home since 1986, and road to recovery. His legal team claims that on May 5, the actor was injured on the set while filming a stunt that required him to “break” through a prop door on a set that “had not been properly prepared”. Hogestyn “ran full speed” toward the door and “smashed headfirst” into it, suffering “severe head injuries”, say his lawyers. The actor was hospitalized and is currently recovering in his Malibu home. “Drake, his wife Victoria, and the Hogestyn family, appreciate all the good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts from so many loyal fans, but ask that their privacy be respected at this time. Drake’s goal is to get back to the show as soon as possible,” the statement concludes. We wish the actor a speedy recovery.

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