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DOOL App Series Launches Today

Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi "Days of our Lives" Web Episode #8 NBC Studios Burbank 06/21/19 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Web Episode #8 U.S.Airdate

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: THE DIGITAL SERIES launched today on the DOOL App. The eight-episode arc, written by Head Writer Ron Carlivati and titled, “Chad and Abby in Paris”, chronicles what the popular duo has been up to since leaving Salem. The series also features fan-fave Austin Peck, who reprises the role of Austin. The episodes range from 6-to-10 minutes, and are available on the NBC app and one week after streaming on the DOOL App. Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn, whose alter egos, Chad and Abigail, will also be returning to Salem later this year, were excited to be a part of the new venture. “When I knew I was coming back to DAYS, the timing worked out really well,” Mansi recalls. “Greg’s idea was, ‘Why don’t we have it take place in Paris so that the fans can have a little glimpse into Chad and Abigail’s life and have a little exciting taste of what that life was like before they come back?’ It’s been so much fun.” Adds Flynn, “It was pitched to sort of be like a spin-off in a sense of what Chad and Abigail were doing off canvas. It would follow them to line up with where the show is right now and the die-hard ‘Chabby’ fans have something to watch until we get back on the canvas. I thought it was a really clever idea, and it’s always cool to have a new story. I thought it was really well-written. Obviously, to do something that involves the fans and build some excitement is great. I was on board.” As for what viewers can expect, Mansi explains, “It’s a really nice bridge in breaking with the tone and the formality of the daytime genre, but still rooted in that familiarity of the characters and grounded in everything that DAYS is about. Albert [Alarr, co-executive producer] directed the first episode. I’ll never forget him walking toward us when Billy and I finished and he had such elation on his face. It was really cool to see everybody so excited and on board with this new, fresh take. And it’s in Paris! What could be better?” Visit now to download.