Diamond White On Joining B&B

The Forrester Creations team meets Zoe’s younger sister, Paris Buckingham, who breezes into Los Angeles this week. According to her portrayer, the siblings couldn’t be more different. “Paris is this unheard-of little sister of Zoe’s,” explains Diamond White (Paris; ex-Lala, EMPIRE). “She comes in and interjects this big energy. She’s a super-bright light and a very positive person. As for the dynamics between her and Zoe, obviously they haven’t seen each other for a long time. People didn’t even know that Paris existed, so it’s like she and her sister are rekindling their relationship.”

White shares that there is also some tension between the sisters. “Paris does step on Zoe’s toes in some ways,” the actress chuckles. “That may be with the guys that she’s interested in, and Paris is just putting her two cents in. What I’ve learned from filming is that she is a bit of an investigator. She’ll pick up on things that are a little sly and ask questions, but all in all, she’s just that loving little sister.”

Their career choices contrast, as well. “I play a social worker who cares a lot about helping people get to a better place in their lives, and it’s super-fulfilling to Paris,” White notes. “She loves to help know anything about fashion or being a top model, so they are very different in that way.”

Paris is immediately smitten with Zende, White previews. “Paris really likes Zende,” she enthuses. “She is super-flirty with him. She’s trying to get him to like her and I think they do like each other because he has some cute little remarks about how she should be a model. Right now, they’re trying to get to know each other, but she thinks Zoe and Carter are a great fit; when it comes to Zende, I think Paris hopes there might be a future there.”

However, White teases there may be more to Paris’s visit than meets the eye, stating, “Usually there is some secret that won’t be revealed until it’s revealed — especially since Paris hasn’t been talked about at all. It’s like, ‘Where did she come from? Why is she here now?’ That’s something that we are going to find out, but our introduction to her is very sweet and innocent.” “She comes in and interjects this big energy.”