DAYS's Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Peter Reckell (ex-Bo) Reflect On Their Pairing


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Kristian Alfonso (Hope)

When did you first get a sense that the Bo and Hope pairing was working?

“I think probably when we went to New Orleans [in 1984] and we shot there. At the time, they used to let people down at the gate. I heard music and I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, look Peter [Reckell, ex-Bo]; they’re playing the Bo/Hope theme song!’ not realizing that there was a five or six piece band outside of the gate and thousands of people. Even then I don’t think it really ever hit me. It wasn’t something I ever took for granted. I think that Peter and I joined the cast at a really opportune moment; it’s like the stars were aligned with the writers, the producers, Al Rabin and Shelley Curtis, and we had Sheri Anderson [as head writer] at the time. Everybody was involved in the making of Bo and Hope creatively. I think we were very lucky, very blessed with the people that really helped both of us because the story was tremendous, as was the time the producers put into the couple.”

What does it mean to you that fans today still care and love this couple?

“It’s incredibly flattering. When I go on my Twitter page and I see that viewers who really know nothing about Bo and Hope have become Bo and Hope fans through other fan bases introducing them to YouTube, it’s amazing to me. It’s wonderful that viewers can go back to see, ‘Oh what are they talking about? Who is this couple?’ which they weren’t able to before.”

Looking back what do you think was the most difficult obstacle Bo and Hope have had to overcome?

“I think the biggest obstacle they had to overcome was the death of their son Zack, which was truly a heartbreaking storyline. The loss of a child, the betrayal of a husband who she felt was protecting his daughter. Bo was hurting just as much as Hope, but it was that betrayal.”

Favorite Bo and Hope storyline?

“I know, it’s going to sound super-corny, but I have to tell you, I have enjoyed all of my storylines. I mean, what an adventure.”

Favorite Bo/Hope moments?

“Oh, my gosh, there are so many. Of course the New Orleans storyline, their wedding, which was spectacular … the ice-skating storyline with the prism … Maison Blanche, and how all of that unfolded, which I thought was so beautifully done.”

Favorite wedding?

“I love them all! Bo and Hope’s mock wedding in New Orleans, because it all represented something. And, of course, the big wedding. But then the wedding to Larry. Everyone wants their hero to show up and Bo showed up! And I loved all my gowns.”

Favorite interloper?

“Billie. I mean, Lisa Rinna was the interloper first when I first returned [in 1994]. Then there was Krista Allen because that was a whole different take on Billie, and then there was Julie Pinson so that was completely different again. I love those obstacles. And what’s so ironic is they all end up being friends with Hope and Hope ends up being friends with them! Bo chooses women well, I guess.”

Favorite location shoot?

“The shopping was amazing in London [during the 1985 wedding]. It was the first time I had ever been there, so I was so excited. Our luggage got lost and, of course, we had to buy everything new so that was great! New Orleans was amazing. It was so fun. Everybody was so warm and wonderful, the food was amazing, so many beautiful memories. We had a great time in Florida, too!”

Favorite thing about working with Peter?

“He always came prepared. He was always prepared and always willing to take a risk.”


Peter Reckell (ex-Bo)

“I think Kristian and I were very, very fortunate to come to the show when we did,” says Reckell. “The writers were amazing. Not only were the storylines very engaging, but they watched the actors and wrote to their strengths. The producers believed in the actors and were willing to take chances. And soaps at that time had more money to spend on locations ­— London — and wardrobes —
wedding dresses. Obviously not my clothing! My daughter still laughs at that story I told, about me getting the worst-dressed award. The producers allowed the chemistry to happen.

“There are a lot of aspects to that chemistry,” he continues. “First and foremost, you had two people who worked their butts off, and loved the opportunity to act every day. We challenged and tested each other, and worked together to make the best possible scene and show that we could. We respected each other and were very committed to every script we worked on. Kristian had an openness, eagerness and innocence that was very engaging, which made it fun and easy to work with her. I’m not sure what I had. I’ll look at Bo and wonder, ‘How does a smart ass like that keep a job?’ We also had an amazing cast around us, people with so much history, actors who could teach us how to do our jobs.

“There are many, many amazing memories from the show, but the one that stands out the most is the whole storyline that involved New Orleans. It had everything: romance, adventure, juggling and that’s where ‘Fancy Face’ came to be. We were doing tons of material every day, and Hope was supposed to be off someplace safe, and I turned around and looked at that smiling smirk on her face and couldn’t think of what to say, so I called her Fancy Face. I think it’s moments like that that helped the audience connect to Bo and Hope.”

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