DAYS's Kassie DePaiva (Eve): Then And Now

Credit: Steven Bergman

then: “I stayed heavy [when I moved to Hollywood] so that if I failed, I could blame it on my weight, not because my singing or my acting wasn’t good. I was really afraid, lonely and having trouble adjusting to the fact that I was really on my own. I was surrounded by beautiful people and constantly wondering, ‘Am I good enough?’ ”
— 5/19/87

now: “I will still stand by that, and that’s where I was at the time. With age comes wisdom and comfort, but I still care a lot about what I do. I’m more comfortable now in who I am, so I’m not as anxious, but I still get nervous with the countdown on set. My best work is always done in my dressing room or in the car on my way home.”

then: “I don’t think I could have played [ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s] Blair five years ago. For the first time, I am playing a girl that everybody hates.” — 5/10/94

now: “That’s true. It goes back to [being] the little girl that was afraid, who, out of comfort, ate food. It takes growing up, and it takes you realizing that you’re playing a part, and not taking it personally. I’d say since about 1994, I’ve been a bad girl all the way to the bank. There’s a reason I have made a career out of playing an aging slut.”

then: “We [husband James DePaiva, David, GH; ex-Max, OLTL and I] know that we have a very special thing going on and we will work hard to keep it growing and moving in a healthy direction. It’s definitely different from the way it was when we started. It’s not that hot, passionate, oh-my-gosh relationship anymore. Now it’s a hot, passionate, look-what-we’ve-got relationship.” — 3/3/98

now: “It hasn’t changed. Jimmy and I went through a lot to be together, and we have tried to heal our relationship at every turn, and believe me, we’ve hit bumps in the road, but we’ve got a good thing. We’ve built a beautiful life, got a great family and we’re still in the game.”


then: “[James and I] had our moments. They call us ‘The Bickersons’ sometimes at work. But we share everything. I love it. It’s honest … and it’s not hard. I love being with Jimmy, so that’s what I’m doing. I really have everything I’ve ever wanted.” — 5/19/00

now: “Well, I’ll tell you. I told my parents when I was diagnosed with leukemia, I have lived like I was dying every day, and I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’ve been with this wonderful man who loves me completely, and that’s good. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

then: “Emotional scenes, after they end, are still painful. If you’re in a painful place, you can’t just finish and go, ‘Oh, I’m okay. I’m fine.’ It lingers. It makes you sad.” — 6/5/01

now: “I would say definitely that happens. You try not to carry it home with you, but you’re playing the death of your child, and you sobbed all day long; you want to just go home and take a bath and put a cold rag on your head. People have different ways that they approach their scenes, and how they release. Soap work is so quick and intense. You can shake it — but sometimes it takes maybe a couple of glasses of wine.”


then: “As time goes on, I realize that [OLTL’s] Todd and Blair are probably a thing of the past, just because I’m not on GENERAL HOSPITAL. I know that each time I go back, a little bit gets chipped away at the Todd and Blair brand.” — 12/10/12

now: “Yeah, you know, that was hard for me. They wanted to continue  with Todd being Todd over in Port Charles, but they didn’t really want Blair. So I had to go there, and as Blair, kind of fight with him and break up, so he could be free to date Carly. That broke my heart. It was one of those things that felt like, ‘Hey, man! That’s my husband! Wait a minute!’ But you just have to toughen your skin, walk away and realize they opted to keep Starr and Todd, those Mannings, but they didn’t want to invest in Blair, and that is okay.”


then: “I pretty much thought my daytime life was over [when OLTL was canceled]. I have been blown away by the generosity and kindness of everyone at DAYS. It’s a wonderful group of people.” — 6/23/14

now: “I will put that all in capital letters now. I’m still blown away. DAYS is one of the greatest, kindest cast and crew that I’ve ever worked with. There is no meanness on that set whatsoever. It feels a lot like ONE LIFE TO LIVE felt for me.”

then: “I think my self-image, as I’ve matured, has become more content in who I am as a woman. I think the love of my life, my husband, has helped bring that confidence.” — 6/15/15

now: “I agree with that, and I will add — because I know where I have been has made me comfortable in where I am — that I know that I’m a 56-year-old woman that has earned every wrinkle, every scar, and I wear them like a badge of honor.”