DAYS Producer Files Lawsuit Against Sony

DAYS’s Corday Productions has filed a breach of contract and fraud complaint against its producing partner, Sony Pictures Television, as well as Columbia Pictures and Screen Gems, and is seeking damages of over $20 million and to take back significant control of the show. sifted through the 33-page document, and pulled the following information related to the suit: “While the domestic ratings for Days of Our Lives have remained largely constant, Sony’s distribution receipts have decreased by over 50%,” reads the complaint. “This dramatic decline is directly attributable to a decision at the highest levels of Sony management to eliminate any competition to its own wholly-owned Series The Young and The Restless also distributed by Sony.” It also adds: “In the annals of Hollywood television, it is difficult to identify a distributor more guilty of blatant conflict of interest, deceit, perfidy, and abuse of market power,” the swashbucklingly phrased filing declares of what it also calls the “audacious” behavior of Sony TV. “The only effective remedies are massive compensatory and punitive damages and immediate termination Sony’s exclusive, perpetual distribution agreement.” For the full story, go here.

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