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DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Greg Rikaart (Leo): Me Vs. My Character

Greg Rikaart

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; XJJohnson/

Who knows more gossip, you or Leo? “Oh, come on! Leo. Leo has his finger on the pulse. I do not.”
Who has a dirtier sense of humor, you or Leo? “I’m going to give us a tie on that one. Sometimes I’m so amused by some of the things they’ll write for Leo. In part I’m so amused by it because those are jokes that I would make or things I would say or think. Maybe I wouldn’t say them. I have more of a filter, but I think we do have similar senses of humors.”
Who has a more colorful wardrobe, you or Leo? “Oh, hands-down, Leo. I don’t think anybody could out-color Leo. I’m a very neutral guy.”
Who has a more challenging job, you or Leo? “Me, because I love all the stuff I get to say and do, but they give me quite a lot of words, and there’s a musicality to the way they write Leo. So it’s not as simple as just memorizing the words and going to work and saying them. I really have to find that rhythm. After doing this for 20 years, it’s a really fun challenge, but it’s more challenging than writing a gossip column.”
Who has a better house, you or Leo? “Oh, I do. I have a nicer house. Poor Leo lives in a hotel.”
Who takes longer to get ready in the morning, you or Leo? “I’m going to go with Leo on that one. I have a quick skincare routine of moisturizing a little bit, and I put a little product in my hair. But I have a feeling that Leo’s regimen is much more time-consuming.”
Who is better in a crisis, you or Leo? “Me. I’m a little more level-headed than Leo.”
Who is more patient, you or Leo? “Me. That’s a skill I’ve had to hone having a 7-year-old boy [son Monte].”
Who is more forgiving, you or Leo? “I am, for sure. Leo has been known to hold a grudge or two. Just ask Will and Sonny.”
Who is more domestic, you or Leo? “Me, for sure. I am very much a homebody.”
Who is more fun at parties, you or Leo? “Leo. I’m like… If you can even get me to go to a party, that’s a win. Leo prefers to be the life of the party.”
Who is a better judge of character, you or Leo? “Me. Leo is somewhat of a lonely guy. He’s eager to have people in his life and that maybe can make his judgment a little bit more questionable than mine.”
Who would have a more entertaining TikTok, you or Leo? “Leo, for sure. I’m not even on TikTok. I’m sure Leo would have lots of followers.”
Who was wilder in his youth, you or Leo? “Leo. He and Gwen have even alluded to the crazy times they had in Philadelphia.”
Who is more romantic, you or Leo? “I’d say Leo. I little more pragmatic.”
Who is a better flirt, you or Leo? “I’m going to give us a tie on this Leo. I think Leo’s such a good flirt because I’m a good flirt.”
Who has a worse temper, you or Leo? “I’d say Leo. I can fly off the handle, but it takes a lot. I think Leo gets there faster than I do.”
Who gets along better with their parents, you or Leo? “Me. Leo and his mother have a very acrimonious relationship.”
Who’s a better liar, you or Leo? “Leo. He’s a schemer, and he has years and years of honing those skills.”
Who is a better friend, you or Leo? “Me. Leo is a good friend, but when push came to shove, he did betray his closest friend [Gwen]. I don’t know that that’s something I would do to one of my best friends.”
Who gives better advice, you or Leo? “I do. Again, being more levelheaded lends itself to being a better confidant. Leo is more emotional.”
Who is more compassionate, you or Leo? “Leo has a compassionate side, but I, for sure, am more compassionate.”