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DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Cary Christopher (Thomas) Dishes About His Super Bowl Commercial

Chris Pratt, Cary Christopher

courtesy of Cary Christopher

Pratt’s Entertainment! Cary Christopher on the set of his Pringles commercial with Chris Pratt.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Cary Christopher (Thomas) has a very special reason to be excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11: He’s featured in a high-profile Pringles commercial opposite megastar Chris Pratt! He checked in with Digest about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


What was the audition for this commercial like? “I did a self-tape for the role of ‘son’ and then I was asked to go in person to a casting office in Hollywood to do again what I did on the tape. All I knew was that it was for Pringles, which is one of my favorite snacks, so I knew it’d be fun.”

Were you excited to hear you’d gotten the job? “Definitely! I’m always happy to get to do something new. I audition a lot so it’s nice when an audition turns into a booking!”

What was it like to meet and interact with Chris Pratt? “He was a very nice and down-to-earth guy and said he liked my tape. And he’s super-funny. He did a lot of improvising and had me laughing. Maybe some of our behind-the-scenes footage will get released. And I actually didn’t know I’d be working with him until I arrived on set. That’s also when I found out the shoot was for the Super Bowl.”

Where was it filmed? “We flew to Montana so we could film that epic horse carriage ride. Just kidding! It was here in L.A. and actually not far from where DAYS OF OUR LIVES is taped. It was shot at the L.A. Equestrian Center in Burbank.”

Was the mustache itchy? “It wasn’t itchy but once it was glued on it was almost impossible to fully smile! The makeup artist, Dominie Till [pictured below], is so talented. It looked so real!”

Cry Christopher, Dominie Till

courtesy of Cary Christopher

What did you think of your costume? “I loved it. It was real wardrobe from the 1920s that they rented. I really love when I get to look like I’m from another period. At the wardrobe fitting. I tried on several different pieces and that’s what was chosen in the end.”

Cary Christopher commercial

courtesy of Cary Christopher

How long did it take to shoot? “About half a day.”

What else stands out to you about the experience? “It was just a really great day. The set had a fun. good energy about it. The crew and director were incredibly nice. I’m always grateful when I get to have cool experiences like this. ”

Check out Christopher’s turn in the commercial below.

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