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DAYS Faves Dish About Their Castmates

DAYS’s Raven Bowens (Chanel), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) and Stacy Haiduk (Kristen) Dish About Their Castmates

Bowens: “Jackée [Harry, Paulina]. She does it in a way that keeps you entertained, because you don’t expect it to come out of her mouth the way it does. You can’t guess or try to predict what she’s going to say.”
Feuerriegel: “Eric Martsolf [Brady]. He makes every story so amusing. He does it with such charm that you can’t help but like the story and like him.”
Haiduk: “Mr. Martsolf. He’s very animated, and he can also be lying and you still believe it.”

Bowens: “Carson [Boatman, Johnny] is a great listener. He’s always so open and so available.”
Feuerriegel: “Carson. He’s very chill and the person that will sit in the corner, listen and pay attention.”
Haiduk: “Emily O’Brien [Gwen]. She has a good heart and takes time out of her day to ask you how you’re feeling. She’s really there to listen to you and is a lovely person.”

Bowens: “Rob [Scott Wilson, Alex] always knows his lines pretty well. When I have scenes with him, he’s on it and knows his stuff.”
Feuerriegel: “Brandon Barash [Stefan]. I’ve seen his notes on the pages of his scripts. He is so thorough and specific.”
Haiduk: “Deidre Hall [Marlena]. She’s very on point with her dialogue and [delivers] it exactly the way it is in the script.”

Bowens: “Also Rob. He always throws in little funny tidbits. I think he does it more now with the Alex character, because he’s having fun with him. When I was doing scenes with him, he’d throw in a little something at the end. It would catch me off-guard because it would be so funny.”
Feuerriegel: “Ari Zucker [Nicole]. She ad-libs and paraphrases in moments of quietness or moments between our actual dialogue; she’ll add a few lines here or a word there that creates a more realistic conversation.”
Haiduk: “I think it would be Eric and me.”

Bowens: “Deidre, because she’s been doing this the longest and knows everything. Whenever I’ve gotten to do scenes with her, and we’ve sat in her room working through stuff, she’s given me gold.”
Feuerriegel: “Ari. She’s all about how to be your best. She just has that kind of instinct.”
Haiduk: “Drake [Hogestyn, John]. He’s been doing this for so long. When you have a scene with him, he talks about the history and gives you advice. He’s a positive, wonderful actor and human being.”

Bowens: “Dan. Whenever he comes in the makeup room he always says hi and checks on how you’re doing. He’s very friendly and so personable.”
Feuerriegel: “Stacy. She is always positive and happy. She comes in with this burst of energy and is a breath of fresh air.”
Haiduk: “Either Dan or Eric. They gab about everything that’s happened to them over the weekend or during the week.”

Bowens: “Jackée and Carson. Jackée is just a naturally funny person [and] Carson and I play little practical jokes on each other.”
Feuerriegel: “Ari has a fantastic sense of humor.”
Haiduk: “Greg Rikaart [Leo]. There’s a confidence about him, and he’s funny. He lightens the mood up.”

Bowens: “Elia Cantu [Jada]. She has Sal Stowers’s [ex-Lani] old dressing room and some things were already built in. She has inspirational pictures with quotes on the wall. It’s very warm and friendly and inviting.”
Feuerriegel: “Eric Martsolf by a country mile. He’s got photos everywhere. He’s got a fantastic couch. He’s got vinyls and CDs. There’s memorabilia on the walls. It’s a like a bedroom.”
Haiduk: “Probably Martsolf. He’s got everything in there that you could possibly imagine.”

Bowens: “Probably me. There’s no personal stuff in there.”
Feuerriegel: “Lucas Adams [Tripp]. I’ve looked in there, and it’s a just a couch and his bag.”
Haiduk: “Paul Telfer [Xander]. Absolutely nothing. He’s got a couch, a chair and a picture that’s been on the wall from probably the ’90s.”

Bowens: “Camila [Banus, Gabi]. She has such a great sense of style. Her clothes are fun, colorful and bold.”
Feuerriegel: “Rob Wilson is always looking cool. He’s got a rock star kind of style.”
Haiduk: “Lauren Koslow [Kate]. She always looks spectacular.”

Bowens: “Ari. On my first day, in my first scene, I had to come in crying. She came over and said, ‘If you ever need another take, ask them for it. It’s okay.’ She immediately gave me that maternal feeling. I knew someone was looking out for me. She’s very loving and looks out for everybody.”
Feuerriegel: “Stacy is pretty maternal. She has that loving energy. It feels very protective and motherly.”
Haiduk: “Suzanne Rogers [Maggie]. She always comes in and gives you a big hug. She fills you up with love and does it with a big smile. There’s a very loving demeanor about her.”

Bowens: “Jessica [Serfaty, Sloan]. In real life, she is so much fun and so sweet. She’s very bright and bubbly.”
Feuerriegel: “Stacy’s more not like Kristen than she is not like Susan. Susan had this motherly personality. She was quirky and weird, and Stacy is quirky. But she’s the exact opposite of Kristen.”
Haiduk: “Finley Rose Slater [Rachel]. She’s a sweetie and spunky. She’s a delight and likes to play. She’s nothing like Rachel, who is so conniving.”