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DAYS Alum Missing In Hawaii

James Lastovic, who played DAYS’s Joey Johnson from 2015-17 and again in 2020, is reportedly missing in Hawaii, reveals his mother, Lucienne Lastovic, on Instagram. Her post reads, “MISSING: JAMES LASTOVIC & NEVIN DIZDARI: PLEASE REPOST PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO ANYONE YOU KNOW IN KAUAI. HAWAII.
MY SON James AND HIS ROOMMATE Nevin ARE MISSING!  These 2 young adults stayed over at the Hanalei Bay Resort this past Friday Oct 7, Saturday Oct 8 and yesterday, Sunday Oct 9. They were due to fly back today but never made their flight nor returned their rental car. This is NOT LIKE THEM! They are both conscientious kids. The LAST THEY WERE HEARD FROM was yesterday Sunday October 9th at 1:30 pm Hawaii time when they texted their hostess, Carrie Flanders at the Hanalei Bay Resort. The last they were seen was by Carrie Flanders yesterday at 8 am. Carrie is from Brea and was gracious enough to have them stay over for 3 extra days.
They asked for info about KOKEE state PARK so they could take the long trail hike.
They also asked her directions to Shipwrecks Beach to the Cliff diving area.
They never returned back to the resort last night.
They left all their belongings at the resort which are now in the police’s possession.

They were driving a rental car from the Lihue airport from SIXT BLACK NISSAN SENTRA LICENSE KEX 072. Reservation number 9023821261. I am told there is a tracking company that can track GPS but not opened in HW til morning 754-301-4293.

IF you have ANY information coming from Hawaii as to their whereabouts or you can GET TO KOKEE state park tomorrow to look for these 2 young adults (26 and 27) PLEASE CONTACT:
Kauai police Officer Smith at 808-241-1711 and
mother Lucienne Lastovic at 858-366-3295.
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