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Day by Day: Thaao Penghlis

I typically wake up at 7:30 a.m. I like the morning.

I remember my dreams maybe 40% of the time.

I make the bed 98% of the time unless I have to rush out.

I wake up in a good mood 99% of the time, because I do a 35-40 minute meditation every morning with pulsars. That puts me in line so that when I wake up, I’ve cleared everything.

The part of my morning routine I never skip is breakfast in bed, watching the news, so I can get my mind going.

My typical breakfast consists of sliced watermelon and a berry juice, which is very good to clear arteries. I have yogurt with honey, sunflower seeds, walnuts and blueberries. I have a cup of coffee last.

The first thing I look at on my phone are my personal messages.

I usually give myself two hours to get ready for work. That gives me time to have a comfortable breakfast and not rush myself. I’m pretty fast after that. I take a quick shower. I like to steam my face and then shave.

If I’m feeling productive I usually do my social media in the morning. Then I will probably read a book or write a new story.

If I’m feeling lazy I usually feel guilty in the morning.

For lunch, I typically eat very little; maybe a sardine salad.

On a typical afternoon, you can find me sitting on my couch with a pillow over my legs, and then my computer. I’m either reading my book, writing my new story or collecting evidence.

My favorite place to chill at home is outside on my bridge. I have a bridge that goes from the third floor of my bedroom and crosses over to the yard. I’ll sit on a chair and say my lines.

I make dinner at home 95% of the time.

Last night for dinner I had Cornish hen, Arabic rice with raisins, nuts and a bit of honey, and asparagus.

If I go out at night, it’s usually to meet friends at a restaurant.

The show I’ve been watching lately is HOUSE OF THE DRAGON.

The part of my evening routine I never skip is cooking for myself, and, every other evening, I exercise.

The last thing I look at on my phone is probably the latest news.

My typical bedtime is midnight.

If I’m having trouble sleeping, I go into meditation. That puts me out.