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Day by Day: Donnell Turner

I typically wake up at 6:30.

I remember my dreams 20% of the time.

I make the bed 90% of the time.

I wake up in a good mood 80% of the time.

The part of my morning routine I never skip is my prayer meditation.

My typical breakfast consists of overnight oats and walnuts with sunflower butter and a green banana.

The first thing I drink in the morning is water, technically, but I can’t wait to get to that cup of coffee!

The first thing I look at on my phone is my Bible app.

It usually takes me 10 minutes to get ready.

If I’m feeling productive I usually make my to-do list in the morning.

If I’m feeling lazy I usually linger in bed reading in the morning.

For lunch, I typically eat fish or a salad.

On a typical afternoon, you can find me at the gym.

My favorite place to chill at home is in bed.

I make dinner at home 10% of the time.

Last night for dinner I had chicken, brown rice and sweet peas.

If I go out at night, it’s usually to a restaurant.

The show I’ve been watching lately is a bunch of different

The part of my evening routine I never skip is flossing and moisturizing. Men, make sure you’re moisturizing.

The last thing I look at on my phone is my emails.

My typical bedtime is 11:30.

If I’m having trouble sleeping, I turn on my bed — I have a bed with a vibrating  feature — and I turn on YouTube and listen to those sleep sounds.