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Coast to Coast with Terri Ivens

ALL MY CHILDREN’s Terri Ivens (Simone) is not only juggling being a new mom to her baby girl Kiana and new story on AMC, but she’s traveling back and forth from New York and California.

Ivens is unfazed by demands of her bi-coastal balancing act. “It’s one of those things where you know it’s what you have to do. That’s how Mark and I dated, that’s how we went through our engagement. It’s not something foreign. My dad was a musician and traveled great amounts of the time while I grew up, so I was used to traveling on the road with him, or not seeing him for three months and then seeing him for three weeks. So for me it’s not unusual to have a gypsy-esque lifestyle, though we do have two homes.”

And traveling to and from isn’t as hard as you would think. “[Kiana] is small enough that I can pack her on my body. And I bought a really cool Kipling duffel bag on wheels, so I have a rolling diaper bag. I have to only pack her on with the Baby Bjorn, so she’s literally strapped to my body, and I just pull this smaller bag,” and that’s all Ivens has to take.

“Both of our homes are totally set up so we don’t need to bring anything else. I even have doubles on my makeup, toothbrushes, clothes, shoes — you name it. For Kiana’s sake we have double of the exact same toys that she likes so that there is familiarity for her. So as long as she has the same Aquarium Bouncer, her life hasn’t changed at all.”

One thing is for certain, newlywed and new mom Ivens is as happy as can be — on both sides of the country.

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