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Classic Lines: Soaps' Most Sparkling Dialogue

James Reynolds, Jackee Harry, Lucas Adams


Tripp (l.) was just doing his job — even if it was funny.


(Tripp preps Paulina before her treatment at the hospital.)
Tripp: There is something I have to ask all my female patients. Is there any chance you might be pregnant?
Paulina: (Laughs) Are you going to card me for alcohol too?
Tripp: I’ll take that as a no.
Paulina: A big, big, big no way.
(Leo and Chad talking business at The Spectator office.)
Leo: OK, so for my new Lady W daily horoscope page, ready? Starting with Pisces, because I’m a Pisces.
Chad: Hey, I’m a Pisces too.
Leo:  Chadwick. Well then perhaps you will want to take this to heart.
Chad: Uh, probably not.
Leo: OK. Here goes. Pickles will be a great source of joy for you this week. Tantric is not a cuss word you’ll want to be using around the office, although it isn’t a cuss word at all. What it is is exhausting. OK, if you prefer, I can leave the tantric stuff out.


(Tracy and Stella get to know each other.)
Tracy: May I ask you a question?
Stella: Yes, you may.
Tracy: Why are you still working? Don’t you want to retire?
Stella: And do what? Knit?
Tracy: My mother was gracious to everybody. She had more friends than she knew what to do with.
Stella: I gather you take after your father.


Victor: I want to celebrate us. It was 40 years ago that we expressed our love for each other.
Nikki: Well, we have been on and off, so 40 years is a bit misleading.
Victor: I don’t give a damn about off and on. I’ve loved you all these years. You’re always in my heart.
Nikki: You’re a romantic. You always have been.