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Classic Lines: Soaps' Most Sparkling Dialogue

Cynthia Watros


Drink Up: GH’s Nina (Cynthia Watros) took umbrage at Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) suggestion that there might be more than caffeine in the beverage she offered him.


(EJ tells Stefan that he’s set things up for him to leave the country.)

EJ: “You’re all set to depart, Stefan. I’ve secured you a new passport and transportation out of Salem. Tomorrow morning you’ll assume your new identity and be on your not-so-merry way.”

Stefan: “Man, I didn’t think it would move so fast.”

EJ: “It’s break glass time, Stefan. Clyde wanted you to off Harris. Harris wanted you to take out Clyde, and since you failed so spectacularly on both counts the only options you have are prison, death or North Korea.”

Stefan (laughs): ”North Korea. That’s a joke, right?”

EJ: “Dead serious. I told you I’d get you safely to a country that doesn’t hold an extradition treaty with the U.S. You just didn’t tell me which one you’d prefer.”


(Kristen and Alex discuss working together to try to make Theresa and Brady jealous.)

Kristen: “You sent her running right into Brady’s arms to sob her little eyes out. And now she is sleeping in the bedroom right next to his. Does your pea brain grasp her counterproductive that is?”

Alex: “Look, Cruella, I’m not one of your little puppy catchers, so if you want my help with this, you better not talk down to me.


(Theresa confronts Alex about his new “romance” with the crazy Kristen.)

Theresa: “You do know that she is actually transported here from some other galaxy, right? You do know that? And it wasn’t too long ago when she was parading all over Salem wearing that kooky mask of hers trying to steal the identity of half the residents of Salem. And need I remind you of the fact that she stole my unborn child out of my body and she impregnated herself with Tate and gave birth to him?”

Alex: “Nobody’s perfect.”

Theresa: “Do not make jokes. Do not do that, especially when it comes to someone who’s a sadistic maniac like Kristen DiMera. Do you know why the mother ship hasn’t returned to take her back to her planet? Do you know why? Because they don’t want her. They don’t want her there, because she’s not only a sadistic maniac, Alex, she’s also crazier than a loon.”



(Cody and Tracy chat in the stables.) 

Cody: “Kids love me.”

Tracy: “Why? Do they think of you as their peer?”


(TJ questions Heather at the hospital.)

TJ: “Do you have an allergies?”

Heather: “Only to other people.”


(Nina approaches Drew after a coffee run.)

Nina: “I thought you could use some caffeine and sugar.”

Drew: “Should I have you taste them first?”

Nina: “Ten people saw me buy these. So if I was going to poison you, I would be a lot more discreet.”



(The Newmans are gathered around a table at the GCAC dining room.)

Nick: “I’d like to ask you all something very important…. How does a pickle celebrate its birthday?

(Collective groan from the family.)

Nick: “No, no, no, no, no, no. It relishes every moment. Boom!”


(After Christine informs Danny that she cleared up her workload so she can travel with him on tour, he jokingly explains the accommodations on the road.)

Danny: “It’s an adventure. Imagine this: It’s like going on a camping trip, on wheels, without the tents. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Christine: “Actually, I think I’m going to have to look at my schedule again one more time.”


(Victor has an update for Nikki, Victoria and Claire on Jordan’s condition after Jordan ingested poison.)

Victor: “I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

Claire: “What is it?”

Victor: “Apparently, the woman is on the mend. She’s recovering.”