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Classic Lines: Soaps' Most Sparkling Dialogue

michelle stafford-jason thompson


Morning Ritual: Y&R’s Billy (Jason Thompson) saw Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) in a bad way.


(Bill consoles a distraught Luna.)

Bill: “I’m not your father but I can be a shoulder for you to cry on — or maybe cry over, because I do kind of like this shirt. I don’t want you to ruin it.”

(Later, Luna voices her gratitude to Bill.) 

Luna: “I really like you, Bill. I mean, what if you were my father?”

Bill: “Well, among other things, you would be filthy rich.”

Luna: “I’m kind of like my mom in that way. I don’t really care about money.”

Bill: “Well, there you have it. You’re not my daughter.”



(John and Rafe visit Wendy in the hospital after rescuing her and Tripp from the beer tank.)

Wendy: “You guys saved my life… and Tripp’s.”

John: “All in a day’s work.”

Rafe: “Hey, that’s my line.”


(EJ pooh-poohs Harris’s claim that Stefan shot him.)

EJ: “Face facts. Xander Cook shot you, not Stefan.”

Harris: “Stefan shot me. He pulled the trigger.”

EJ: “And what proof do you have of that?”

Harris: “There was an eyewitness at the crime. That would be me. I saw Stefan shoot me.”

EJ (laughs): “Oh, you pulled that out of your ass. How can you prove you saw Stefan and not Xander?”

Harris: “Once I find your brother, you’re going to have the proof.”

EJ: “You have nothing. This is a ridiculous theory.”

Harris: “Oh, I have my word and that means something. I’m a detective and a Navy SEAL.”

EJ: “Whose brain has been scrambled so many times it could be served with toast.”



(Tracy shows compassion to Sonny as he sits vigil for Dante.)

Tracy: “I hope you won’t ruin my reputation as being cold and unfeeling.”

Sonny: “Your secret is safe with me.”


(Nina arrives at Dex’s apartment.)

Josslyn: “Nina. Looking for more backs to stab? Sorry, I’m fresh out.”


(Billy offers to prepare the hangover cure Phyllis taught him, which she clearly could use.)

Phyllis: “Thank you, but no thank you. I’ve learned that some of my, um, great ideas weren’t so great after all.”

Billy: “Wow, that’s actually impressive, you admitting to having bad ideas. It’s real progress, Phyllis. Of course, most people learn these life lessons that involve wearing sunglasses at breakfast time earlier in life.”


(Phyllis is thrilled that Summer and Chance are now a couple.)

Phyllis: “Oh, my gosh, I could see it all over your face. That glow, that glow! Seeing the other person makes you light up. You’re walking around with a stupid grin on your face all day long.”

Summer: “Are you saying that we look like idiots?”

Phyllis: “Yes.”