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Classic Lines: Soaps' Most Sparkling Dialogue

Cynthia Watros


Present Tense: GH’s Nina (Cynthia Watros) gave snarky gift-giving tips to Drew.


(Hope is uncomfortable when she and Thomas realize R.J. and Luna have had sex.)

R.J.: “I’ve revealed way too much to you.”

Hope: “Um, yeah. I’m gonna table this conversation, you know, for a different time, a different place, a different conversation that doesn’t involve me.”



(Sloan presents Eric with sexy lingerie.)
Eric: “I don’t think it’s my size.”

(Leo runs into Eric, Sloan, and Jude.)
Leo: “Look who’s here — two of my favorite people and Sloan.”

(Chanel surprises Paulina with a girls night the night before her surgery.)

Paulina: “Chanel, I appreciate this. I really do, but are you really up for a night of fun and games? You’re supposed to be getting married tomorrow.”

Chanel: “Hey, hey, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. You taught me that.”

Paulina: “Yeah, but those lemons come from my tree. This is all my fault.”

(Paulina gives in to a fun evening with her daughter.) 

Paulina: “All right, so let’s start the puzzle and the movie. What are my choices?”

Chanel: “We’ve got Bad Boys 2, How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Get Out.”

Paulina: “Oh, I’m not watching Get Out before my surgery. I’ll be worried that they’ll be trying to transplant somebody’s brain into my head while I’m passed out on the table. No thank you. And I think Stella can help me get my groove back when I’m recovering. So let’s go with Bad Boys. I can use the laughs.”



(Nina and Drew have it out after he installs Carly as the editor-in-chief of Crimson.)

Nina: “If you wanna buy something nice for your girlfriend, besides a magazine she has no earthly idea how to run, I suggest jewelry.”


(On Valentine’s Day, Sasha and Maxie take Lucy out to lift her spirits after her breakup with Martin, and propose a toast.)

Lucy: “Okay, but if you toast to love, then the contents of this drink will end up in both your faces.”

Maxie: “That’s the spirit!”


(Sasha voices her approval of Maxie getting back together with Spinelli.)

Sasha: “You would learn a new vocabulary word every day!”



(Tessa and Abby chat after Tessa accepts Abby’s offer to become the new manager at Society.)

Tessa: “I wouldn’t change a single thing about Society. People love it here. I mean, there would be a riot in town if you so much as changed the empanada recipe.”