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Classic Lines: Soaps' Most Sparkling Dialogue

Jane Elliot-Laura Wright


Fashion Forward: GH’s Tracy (Jane Elliot, l.) delivered some pointed barbs to Carly (Laura Wright).


(Eric discusses his health with Donna.)

Eric: “I feel better every day, I really do. Although it’s not like I’ll be running a marathon again very soon.”

(Katie enters.)

Katie: “Again?!”

Eric: “All right, ever, if you want to get technical about it.”



(Leo catches Stephanie leaving Everett’s room.) 

Leo: “My, my, girl. You do get around.”

Stephanie: “Leo. What are you doing here?”

Leo: “I live in this building, remember? And according to the guest registry, which I may or may not take a peek at two times a day, you do not.”

Stephanie: “This is not what you think.”

Leo: “So, it’s even better? My imagination is on fire.”

Stephanie: “Well hose it off. It’s a false alarm.”

Leo: “Oh, that’s what they all say, cookie.”

Stephanie: “Leo, where I spend the night is my business.”

Leo: “And maybe Lady Whistleblower’s.”


(Johnny and Stefan face off.) 

Stefan: “Things in this life aren’t always black and white. You’ll understand a little better when you grow up a little bit.”

Johnny: “Oh right, right. I’m sure that’s it. About what age would you say I have to be before I get the memo that you can always find a way to justify cheating on your wife?”



(Lois and Olivia try to hash out the tension between them sparked by Lois telling Sonny that Nina sicced the SEC on Carly and Drew.)

Olivia: “You just ran right off and you blabbed!”

Lois: “What was I supposed to do?!”

Olivia: “Not that!”


(Tracy joins her Deception colleagues, who are meeting with Carly at Crimson.)

Tracy: “So, what did I miss? Anything good? Like the part where Carly explains how a rank amateur can avoid running Crimson right into the ground?”

(Tracy continues to make her lack of faith in Carly clear.)

Tracy: “I, for one, am dying to know how an innkeeper is qualified to run a fashion magazine.… and how to explain fashion to you.”



(Chance and Summer chit-chat on their first official date.)

Chance: “Let’s dive into some dangerous territory here: Teenage years.”

Summer: “Oh, but we were having so much fun.”

(Talk turns to past heartbreaks.) 

Chance: “It’s never easy. You know what? I believe that you do learn from it, though.”

Summer: “I think that makes me a genius.”


(At the GCAC, Tucker and Audra chat.) 

Audra: “One of your most endearing qualities is how much you love your son.”

Tucker: “One of my most endearing qualities? What are the others?”

(Audra pauses.) 

Audra: “Maybe I misspoke.”


(At Jabot, Jack ministers to Nikki, who is beating herself up after falling off the wagon again.) 

Jack: “You need something to make you stronger now.”

Nikki: “Oh, God, you’re not going to make me eat those vending machine pretzels, are you?”