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Christie Clark's Coronavirus Update

Christie Clark (ex-Carrie, DAYS) is on the mend after battling the Coronavirus for the past 10 days. “Oh my goodness, just starting to feel ok on this end,” she posted on Instagram. “My husband Tom and I have had coronavirus fairly bad. Not as bad as some, no hospital needed. Hope your all well! I’m sure at this stage you all know of someone with it? When you get it, you can’t call the grandparents for help, cause they will get sick. We know about 10 people in our little circle that have had it. Like clockwork, Day 7,8,&9 were tricky and haven’t been able to taste food for a while. So excited to be in the land of the living again & start exercising…soon. Thanks for all the love. Stay safe! #coronavirus” To see Clark’s other posts, go to