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Cheryl Evans

For Cheryl Evans, the mother of the late Passions star Josh Ryan Evans (ex-Timmy), Mother’s Day occurs once every month, thanks to Josh.”It started last year. Whenever Josh wanted to send a gift to people he used either Snookies Cookies, or 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, because he couldn’t go shopping like the rest of us,” Cheryl explains. “So last Mother’s Day, I received a beautiful bouquet of roses from Josh.”It wasn’t until the following month, when Cheryl was surprised with another dozen roses, that she realized “Josh had ordered me a year’s worth of roses for Mother’s Day.”
Josh’s happy surprise for his mother turned bittersweet in the fourth month, when August’s delivery arrived the day after his memorial service — with the same monthly message: “Happy Mother’s Day! Hope your Mother’s Day is a bloomin’ great one. It sure will smell great! Love you mom. Josh –€˜Shorty.'”Cheryl was so touched by Josh’s continuing gift, she e-mailed a brief note of thanks to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM:

“Last Mother’s Day my son ordered a year’s worth of roses for me. I receive a dozen roses each month with his little note, and they mean the world to me. You see, he ordered them in May and he passed away three months later on Aug 5, 2002. I receive the flowers around the 12th of each month, so about a week after losing him there was a delivery from him. But even though my home was overflowing with beautiful flowers of every type and size — everyone had sent flowers as an expression of sympathy — those beautiful 12 roses from Josh were the only flowers that could reach my broken heart and make me smile. Every month I look forward to my special gift from Josh, and they have always been a source of comfort and happiness to me. I know there is no way you guys could have known, and you probably have thousands of monthly orders sent out, but I wanted to share just how special my 12 roses are, and say ‘Thank You’ for your part in my receiving a gift from my sweet little boy, even if he’s not here any longer. I receive proof of his love for me every month.”
Weeks later, Evans was surprised by a phone call from Jim McCann, founder and CEO of, who called to thank her for her kind words, and to inform her that she would now be receiving a dozen roses — with Josh’s message — each month for the rest of her life. The following month’s delivery left her tickled pink. “I get different colored ones each month, but the next dozen roses I received were pink. Pink is my signature color, and that was pretty much a sign to me from the-powers-that-be.”

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