Chatting With Melissa Archer

If you’ve ever attended a Weekly/Digest OLTL chat, you know how passionate Jolie (John/Natalie) fans are about their favorite couple. So it was no surprise when scores of them came to Weekly’s special Chat with Natalie’s portrayer, Melissa Archer.

In just over 30 minutes, Archer fielded a bevy of inquiries from the fans, the most popular being what she thinks of Natalie’s involvement with John (Michael Easton) and Cristian (David Fumero). Which one does she prefer for Nat?

“That’s kind of a tough question,” she replied. “Cristian was Natalie’s true love, but she also had really good chemistry with John. How do you choose between two gorgeous men?”

In soap tradition, slowly. Very slowly.

“I love working with Michael Easton; he’s fabulous,” Archer continued. “His character brings a lot to the show and brings a lot out of Natalie, good and bad.”

While Natalie continues to mull her options with men, Archer praised the show for giving Nat more family scenes with mother Viki (Erika Slezak) and sister Jessica (Bree Williamson). “I like that they’re bringing out the sister bond again,” Archer noted.

In rapid-fire fashion, Archer admitted to checking out OLTL message boards occasionally, lamented the show’s letting go of Ilene Kristen (Roxy), and reported that she hangs out with co-stars Jessica Morris (Jennifer), Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline) and Melissa Gallo (Adrianna) away from work.

Archer also mused on what kind of career Natalie should pursue someday. “She should have something edgy, like a PI or a spy of some sort. It would be fun for her to be risking danger all the time,” she shared.

After teasing the fans with some pre-November sweeps highlights (Natalie and John’s strip poker encounter, Cristian’s return), it was time for Archer to go. “Thanks so much for joining in. I really enjoyed all of you,” she smiled. “And keep watching!”