Chatting With GH's Big Alice

Soap Opera Weekly: How tall are you?
Bergen Williams: I’m 6′ 1 and 1/2”.

Weekly: How did the role come about?
Williams: I was actually hired to play an undercover cop [who was] planted in the Quartermaine house to monitor chemical warfare that was about to happen between them and the Cassadines. I shot that first episode on September 10. The next day, September 11 hit. They could not do a chemical warfare storyline. No one ever said anything to me. I realized I was no longer a cop because my lines were dumbing up. I’m a wrestler now — who knows what I’ll be next week?

Weekly: Alice is The Dominator. If you were a wrestler, what would your name be?
Williams: That was on-point when they named me The Dominator. That really fits.

Weekly: She dominates the Quartermaines.
Williams: She’s still undercover; she’s just an undercover maid. Big Alice knows everything going on in the house, but she hasn’t become savvy enough to avoid people taking advantage of her — Heather Webber manipulated Big Alice into helping her.

Weekly: Luke has been manipulating Big Alice, too.
Williams: The difference is, Alice knows she is being manipulated [by Luke] and she doesn’t care! She just wants to hang out with Luke. I was really excited when they told me I was going to have a crush on Luke, because I did. I used to watch the show when I was kid.

Weekly: What is it like working with Anthony Geary?
Williams: He’s such an amazing actor. He makes you feel special. There is no ego there. He does whatever he can to make you seem like the center of attention. It’s really been fun working with him.

Weekly: How do you like working with all of the Quartermaines?
Williams: They’re amazing. I feel like I’m among superstars. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been acting professionally for almost 15 years now, and my last four have been the most exciting.

Weekly: Do you wish you could get out of that maid’s uniform?
Williams: I wouldn’t mind getting some more clothes. They have expanded and put me in a leather mask. I would settle for a wrestling outfit.

Weekly: Who’s tougher, Alice or Cook?
Williams: Cook thinks she’s pretty tough, but Alice has challenged her to the ring and she hasn’t taken her up on it. You can’t tell the audience that Alice moonlights as a mud wrestler and then never get to see it. It has become the obligatory scene. Fans all want to know when I’m wrestling.

Weekly: What’s the best part about being Alice?
Williams: I’m excited to do anything for the fans. I just love them. I love being Alice. I think it’s a good character. It’s the Everywoman character. I’m honored to play her.

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