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Cassandra Creech On Joining B&B

Cassandra Creech (ex-Diane, DAYS, 2018; ex-Denise, AS THE WORLD TURNS, 1998-2001) is the newest addition to the B&B canvas, playing Dr. Grace Buckingham, the mother of Paris and Zoe.

“I think it was an aligning of the stars because everything just fell into place,” Creech marvels. “I was called in through normal casting, and I had a good chemistry read with Diamond [White, Paris] and the rest is history. Here I am, and I’ve got to say, it is extraordinary being here.”

The actress offers a little insight into her new alter ego, noting. “Grace is ‘Dr. Grace Buckingham’, thank you very much. She loves her girls and like any mother, she wants the best for them — so some may see that as overprotective or overbearing, but I think that she is every woman’s mother. Every parent wants to give some guidance but also allow their children to develop their own sense of direction and intuition, and I think Grace has done that.”

Grace will also help keep her daughters on the straight and narrow, unlike their father. “Regarding everything that happened with Reese, that wound is still raw,” the actress sighs. “So, she is even more protective. Wouldn’t you be more protective of your girls after going through something like that with their father? Grace is definitely more attentive to that, especially now when it comes to the men coming into her daughters’ lives.”

After her two previous soap runs, Creech says she is thrilled to be back in daytime. “I’m home,” she beams. “AS THE WORLD TURNS was my first major contract role. I remember when I started, Felicia Minei Behr [then-executive producer] met me at the studio door, and to this day we are still very good friends. I will always appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness and respect and appreciation — and I felt that the first day at B&B with Ed [Scott, supervising producer] when he came down to set from the booth because he was blown away by the scenes. That meant a lot to me. He’s very collaborative and I appreciate that. It’s not only a new family but it’s this great sense of collaboration I’m getting from everyone here, just like I did on AS THE WORLD TURNS.”

At this time, the role of Grace is recurring but Creech says she’d be happy to stick around should the story warrant. “Absolutely,” she enthuses. “To play with these people — with this group of actors, producers and writers — would be an honor. I would love to create a character with them and do them justice.”