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Carson Boatman's First Impressions

Lucas Adams (Tripp): “He is an incredibly nice guy, an abnormally kind human being. He’s a very hard worker, who always comes prepared.”

Camila Banus (Gabi): “Spicy. That’s the first word that comes to mind. [When] Johnny was possessed by the devil, she was great to work with, always down to run lines or whatever. She has so much energy and is fun to be around.”

Brandon Barash (Stefan): “My first impression of Brandon was that he was a solid guy, you could trust him and he wears cool shoes. He and I have become very close. We do a lot of double-dating together. He’s kind of like a brother, honestly. I’m very thankful to have met Brandon, work with him and just be his friend.”

Raven Bowens (Chanel): “My first impression of her was, ‘Wow. This girl is so talented, I hope she doesn’t make me look bad!’ I always look forward to days when I know I’ll be working with Raven, because we get along very well. She also doesn’t take any crap from anyone, ever, which is admirable. She’s just so no-nonsense, when it comes to putting up with b.s. It’s funny to see how she handles those types of situations.”

Dan Feuerriegel (EJ): “Dan was the first actor who I spoke to on the show. My first scene was with him. He was very calming and let me know, ‘Just take a deep breath. Everything’s going to be okay.’ He was very nice and kind. I’ve become pretty close with Dan. We talk often. We go to the same gym and, every once in a while, we’ll hit a workout together.”

Billy Flynn (Chad): “Billy’s another fun guy to work with. He’s very passionate and brings his all every day. Some of my first scenes were also with him. He was trying to be helpful and welcoming and warm, because he thought I was a lot younger than I was. A few weeks later we were in the hall talking and I mentioned that I was 27. He was like, ‘You’re 27?! I thought you were, like, 18.’ ”

Victoria Grace (Wendy): “Victoria always comes prepared and is a very talented actress. We spend a lot of time rehearsing and chatting. She always knows her lines way better than I do. She’s so smart. You can just tell that she’s incredibly intellectual and intelligent, especially for her age. She carries herself like a 35-year-old.”

Stacy Haiduk (Kristen/Susan): “I actually didn’t know that the same person was playing both those characters. I’d see Stacy in the makeup room, and sometimes she’d have brown hair with the Susan wig, and sometimes she’d have blonde hair. She would speak different, obviously, as Susan. I’d think, ‘Who is this other woman and how long has she been on the show? She sounds like a nutjob.’ Stacy is lovely and warm. I love spending time with her. She has such an inviting, warm energy that you feel like you can talk to her about literally anything. She is an incredible actress who’s able to connect with anybody.”

Deidre Hall (Marlena): “I was intimidated by her because she’s had such an iconic, long and successful career. I was nervous to act with her, but it turns out there was nothing to be nervous about. She is so talented, so sweet and such a thoughtful person. I get Christmas cards and birthday cards from her. She showed up to a Day Player show once and had gift bags for each of us members. She goes above and beyond with thoughtfulness.”

Jackée Harry (Paulina): “She cracks me up. She’s another iconic individual within the history of entertainment. She’s always a fun person to have a conversation with in the hallway. I always have a hard time keeping it together when I’m working with her, because she’s always making jokes in between scenes. Her personality is very bright.”

Drake Hogestyn (John): “It was interesting for me to work with Drake, because my mom told me she used have a crush on him when she was in high school. He’s such a nice guy. It’s nice to have someone to tell you stories and be so excited to share them with you. He’s another person who is just easy to connect with.”

Leann Hunley (Anna): “She’s just so bubbly and fun. She doesn’t take anything too seriously and that’s a superpower at times. Just like her character, she’s larger than life. That carries over in her own personality.”

Lauren Koslow (Kate): “She’s a very kind human being. Every time there’s an interaction between the two of us, whether it’s on set or off set, we have a great time. She’s very sweet, very beautiful and very talented.”

Eric Martsolf (Brady): “From the first day I met him, I was like, ‘This guy is absolutely hilarious.’ He’s charismatic. He’s funny. I find myself knocking on his door a lot, if I need to vent, ask for advice, or just hang out and have a laugh.”

Thaao Penghlis (Tony): “He’s filled with so much life experience and knowledge, both about the world and about being on the show. He’s such an interesting human being. When I first started on the show, he would give me little ideas before the scene started. Right before we’d start taping he’d whisper something in my ear to help get me in that moment or headspace. I’ll always be thankful for his words of wisdom.”

Josh Taylor (Roman): “Josh genuinely has to be one of the nicest guys that I’ve ever met. When I started, it was hard for me to get to know everyone and who they were, because they were all wearing masks all day. But every time I’d walk in, Josh would be like, ‘Hey, Carson. How are you doing today?’ He was super-friendly.”

Arianne Zucker (Nicole): “I love Ari. I spend a lot of time with her even when we don’t have scenes together, just hanging out and chatting. I’m always open to taking life advice from Ari. My wife and I are trying to have a kid, so we’ve talked about that. We’ve talked about finances. We’ve talked about all kinds of stuff, anything that I’m unsure of or have any questions about. That happened over time, just from her being such a kind human and making me feel like I could do that.”