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Carolyn Hinsey Shares Her Opinions

Hudson West Finola Hughes

Disney/Christine Bartolucci

Bullet Point: GH’s Jake (Hudson West) and Anna (Finola Hughes) were both horrified by Anna shooting Charlotte.

What’s love got to do with it? Not much for some GH characters.

I’m looking at you, Valentin. The GH baddie’s daughter Charlotte terrorized his girlfriend Anna for months but he kept it from her while trying to “solve” Charlotte’s psychosis himself. How’d that work out?

Jake (to Anna): “Why did you shoot her?!”

Because Charlotte broke into Anna’s apartment wearing a black robe like Ghostface from Scream and pointed a flashlight at Anna in the dark that looked like a gun.

Dante: “What happened?”

Anna: “I discharged my weapon on a child!”

Who broke into her apartment. All relevant parties hightailed it to the hospital where Valentin had the gall to say “Why, Anna?” to the woman his daughter had been stalking.

Also implicit in the cover up were Nina, Laura and Kevin, but the fault is Valentin’s. He suffers from that fatal soap opera flaw of lying to “protect” the women he loves (Nina, Anna, Charlotte) which bites him every time and yet he never learns.

Lying is not love.

If Valentin really wanted to protect Anna he would tell her the truth – like Sonny did. He invited Anna to stay at his penthouse after the shooting, gently letting her off the hook for firing the bodyguard he hired to keep her safe and even letting her ask questions about his “legitimate” business.

Anna: “Why coffee?”

Sonny (chuckling): “Don Corleone already chose olive oil so I wanted the next best thing. I have a lot of contacts in South America.”

Anna: “That doesn’t sound suspicious.”

I’m all for GH pairing Anna with Sonny which would propel their partners Nina and Valentin back towards each other, as well. Honest people paired with liars rarely works, even on soap operas. Besides, Anna and Sonny already love each other so how far can it be to falling in love? Let’s find out.

Anna’s ex, Robert, is trying to make a go of it with Diane — aka every woman tired of being pushed around by a man.

Scorpio: “Why do I feel I’m about to get hit by the infamous Killer Miller?

Diane: “Buck up, soldier. This is a golden opportunity for someone who shall remain nameless — but who is you — to become a better human being.”

Scorpio: “Lay it on me.”

She suggested they start over with a fancy night out on the town. It’s not love, but it’s a start.

Y&R’s Tucker and Ashley were never in love and their recent nuptials made no sense. He cheated on her during their first marriage (with Diane!) and was clear that what he really wanted this time around was Jabot. It looks like she’s plotting revenge now, being fake nice to gain info.

Tucker: “An annulment is the best thing. We were married five minutes.”

Ashley: “I’m sorry for my part in things not working out for us.”

Tucker (disbelieving): “You want to be friends?”

Ashley: “Can’t we be two people who’ve been through a lot of stuff together?”

Not when he’s after her family company and cheating with Audra. Blech.

Victor is lucky Nikki stuck by him while he gaslighted their children into thinking he was losing his mind to suss out a traitor in their midst. When Nate proposed that Victoria step back in as CEO while Victor shuffles off to the loony bin, The Great Victor Newman had had enough.

Victor: “Do you think it’s time to drop the charade?”

Nikki: “Past time.”

Victor (to Nate): “You’re fired.”

I am mogul hear me roar! That little stunt showed Victor loves his company more than his family but hey, it’s still love. Victoria wound up feeling the most unloved after daddy ousted her boyfriend, but her actions promoting Nate to co-CEO and having sex with him on the desk were not exactly confidence inspiring.

On a side note, Victoria going on about how the press are “vultures” who would “attack” if they got wind of Victor stepping down for medical reasons made her sound ignorant. The CEO of the largest company in Genoa City losing his marbles is news – especially since Newman Enterprises is one of the biggest employers in town.

B&B’s Sheila claims to love her biological son Finn but her actions belie that. Her constant stalking and interference almost cost him his marriage to Steffy and all the BS about how Sheila has changed is just that. Steffy finally called her on it.

Sheila: “Trust me.”

Steffy: “If you come near my family again you’ll answer to me. I never back down from a fight.”


Steffy: “That’s what you get for shooting me and my husband. You messed with the wrong woman.”

Hope’s reasons for messing with Thomas are unclear. When Steffy walked in on Hope and Thomas doing the nasty in the Forrester offices Steffy tried to get answers from her former rival.

Steffy: “Are you in love with Thomas?”

Hope: “We love what we’re doing right now.”

That’s a no.

Steffy and Hope’s mutual ex decided he’d be a better match for Steffy than Finn, despite the fact they’ve been wed to each other three times already and each marriage ended in divorce. True to his narcissistic form, Liam voiced his opinion to his dad like he had any say in Steffy’s love life.

Liam (to Bill): “I can give Steffy a better, safer life than Finn can.”

So could a St. Bernard or a good bodyguard.

I was a big fan of Chad and Abigail on DAYS because they seemed destined for each other like a young John/Marlena or Patch/Kayla. Obviously Chad would have to move on after Abigail’s murder in 2022 but his insta-family with Stephanie and his children was hard to swallow – especially since she also dallied with Alex and now Everett.

Conversations like this don’t help:

Chad: “Why didn’t you tell me you were ready to get married?”

Stephanie: “I was embarrassed.”

Chad: “You should have said something.”

Stephanie: “I’m confused. If you didn’t see marriage on the horizon why did you invite me to move in with you and your kids?”

Chad: “It was the next natural step.”

Stephanie: “What’s the step after that?”

Chad: “Marriage.”

Huh? If he loves her he should pursue her and if he doesn’t, walk away. Better yet, bring Abigail back from the dead (again).

There was no doubting Gabi and Stefan’s love for each other, nor their love of money. Their riotous union helped them get everything they ever wanted (after they secured all the DiMera shares and fired EJ) for like a day.

Gabi (to EJ and Nicole): “Here’s to your shotgun wedding.”

Stefan: “And early retirement. Enjoy it, brother.”

Their gloat-fest was short-lived. Gabi was found holding the knife that killed Li, EJ was made DA the next day (pacing, people!), and he went right to work arresting Gabi.

EJ: “The money-grasping shrew should have thought twice before crossing me.”

Gabi was sent immediately to Statesville. Stefan tried to console her by listing all the things they’ll do when she gets out of prison, like sit on the couch and watch crappy TV.

Gabi: “What about wreaking havoc on our enemies?”

Love’s got everything to do with lines like that. Hurry back!

Hey. It’s only my opinion.