Brittany Allen on Emmy Nomination

Emmy statue

In this week's Digest, you can catch Q&As with this year's crop of Daytime Emmy nominees, save for one, Brittany Allen. Here, AMC's ex-Marissa speaks out about her nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress.

How did you find out you were nominated?
"I checked my phone late Wednesday morning, and I noticed I had all these new messages. and missed calls. The first message I listened to was Greg Salmon from AMC casting, and he was excitedly yelling 'Congratulations!' into my phone. He didn't specify as to what it was for, but I figured it out pretty quickly!"

Who was the first person you told?
"I told my boyfriend, and both of us immediately started discussing what we would wear on the red carpet! Then, of course I called my parents, who called my grandma, who called my aunts and uncles, and so on."

What scene did you submit?
"I submitted the episode in the beach house where Marissa tells JR she slept with Scott and JR walks out. It showed a lot of emotion, and I was opposite a stunningly handsome and talented man! Easy peasy."

Who are you bringing to the ceremony?
"My agent is flying in from Toronto for the event, as well as my LA manager, and my  boyfriend from Norway, Morten!"

What are you most looking forward to about the show and people to see?
"Vegas, baby! I can't wait to see all of my beautiful AMC co-workers and celebrate with them."