Brian Frons: Executive Musings 2

CHAT: What’s the latest on Tamara Braun’s (Carly) renegotiations?
FRONS: We’ll do everything we can [to make it work], but ultimately that decision will be up to Tamara.

CHAT: Is Sarah Brown (ex-Carly) joining the show as Carly’s sister?
FRONS: I didn’t know Carly has a sister! Sarah Brown could play almost any role she wants on GH if she’s interested.

CHAT: Will Jason and Sam marry?
FRONS: I’m an old-fashioned guy. People should date for at least two years before getting married.

CHAT: Is Faith leaving?
FRONS: Unfortunately, yes. Faith has done just about every bad thing you can do. But Cynthia Preston is an actress I adore and hopefully we can find a place for her on another ABC soap. Cynthia is hysterically funny, warm and charming. I’d love to see that side of the actress on TV.

CHAT: Ric and Alexis?
FRONS: We’re going to have a HUGE story. The couple is absolutely terrific together. They have a great Hepburn/Tracy repartee.

CHAT: Jax and Courtney?
FRONS: Courtney is going to have a big story and Jax will be right by her side supporting her. I say “supporting” because this will be a Courtney-driven story.

CHAT: When will Nikolas learn about the rape?
FRONS: Not until he’s released from prison. Tyler [Christopher] is doing a miniseries, so when it’s revealed they should have a good amount of time to play it out.

CHAT: Will there be more focus on the vets?
FRONS: Monica and Alan will have some terrific story over the next six months as we put new effort on reuniting and reorganizing the Q family. What we want to do, in a sort of a DYNASTY way, is get all those people back under one roof.

CHAT: Is the show too violent?
FRONS: When you write and produce a daytime drama that has a lot of action and a mob boss is the star, we’re always trying to make sure the violence doesn’t get out of hand. It’s a question we ask ourselves every day.

CHAT: Will Sonny and Reese become a couple?
FRONS: It’s too soon [to say] other than the obvious: Any woman in Sonny’s orbit seems to be attracted to him.

CHAT: Will there be a Sonny/ Carly love story?
FRONS: Even when they’re divorced they have a real love story.

CHAT: Where’s Maxie?
FRONS: High school?


CHAT: Reaction to John and Evangeline?
FRONS: A lot of people think they’ll be the next supercouple. I’m a fan. Watch Evangeline sing to John on Valentine’s Day and then you decide who he should be with.

CHAT: Is Michael Easton (John) leaving?
FRONS: No. He’s under contract for some time to come.

CHAT: Is Cristian coming back?
FRONS: There are no plans at the moment, but the door is always open for David Fumero.

CHAT: Michael and Marcie?
FRONS: As you know, Marcie has a book coming out on Feb. 16 and the publication of that murder mystery will have deadly consequences in Llanview.

CHAT: Is Tina returning?
FRONS: There are no plans at the moment, but we talk about it all the time. Some people think Cynthia Preston (Faith, GH) would make an interesting Tina. What do you guys think?

CHAT: What will happen to the Buchanan girls?
FRONS: Jessica will develop a split personality, who’s sassy and sexy and everything Jess is not. Natalie will continue to mourn Cristian and take a job in the police force, which will constantly put her in contact with John McBain.

CHAT: Is Mrs. Bigelow alive?
FRONS: The rumors of her resurrection are greatly exaggerated.

CHAT: Will Viki and Dorian remain foes?
FRONS: God, I hope so! Fans tell us they miss the two of them fighting and competing, so we’re giving the fans what they want.

CHAT: Todd and Blair?
FRONS: First, in order to free himself from Margaret, our rapist will be raped in a way. Then it will be his turn to rescue Blair. It will involve a location shoot, a car crusher and a villain to be named later.

CHAT: Will Bianca be recast?
FRONS: Not in the short term. We’ve left the door open for Eden [Riegel], but I guess at some point we’ll re-examine our decision.

CHAT: Will Greenlee get pregnant in the near future?
FRONS: If the near future is defined as six months, definitely maybe.
CHAT: When will the custody issue be resolved?
FRONS: 2010. Seriously, during February the immediate custody issue will be resolved. However, after the decision goes down, there will have to be two people who want that baby. That’s why I say it will be a while before it really, really ends.

CHAT: When will Erica and Jack marry?

FRONS: Julie Carruthers, our executive producer, is speaking to several locations now. We’re thinking some place sunny and elegant.

CHAT: What will happen to Jonathan?
FRONS: I’ll know next week when writer Megan McTavish tells me. I love the actor [Jeff Branson], but the character would need years of redemption, don’t you think?

CHAT: Will there be an on-air memorial service for Ruth Warrick (ex-Phoebe)?
FRONS: Yes. Because of our taping schedule and the long period we write ahead, it will take us until April to do it justice.

CHAT: Zach and Maria?
FRONS: Something traumatic and life-changing will happen for Maria the last week of February that will change the future of Zach and Maria.

CHAT: Krystal, Tad and David?
FRONS: Krystal is going to prison because of the crimes committed. She will meet someone in prison who will eventually come back to Pine Valley to [find] one major surprise. I assume that after she pays for her crimes, both those guys will be waiting for her.

CHAT: Is Cady McClain returning as Dixie?
FRONS: We’ve approached her several times in the past year, but she seems quite committed to AS THE WORLD TURNS [where she plays Rosanna]. But the door is always open for Cady.

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